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  1. You'll need to delete/move the LOD textures/meshes each time you generate new LOD with xLODGen. It doesn't overwrite the old ones. Also there is a brightness adjustment for the textures xLODGen generates. I remember the default setting being a little dark. The way I did it was, I used Oscape for the landscape and then xLODGen for the trees and objects. I couldn't quite get the results I wanted generating landscape with xLODGen. People who are good with it can get some great LOD though. Oscape was just easier for me to use.
  2. hmm. Something is definitely wrong with your billboards. What did you use to generate the tree LOD?
  3. You could also use XLODGen just to generate the LOD textures.
  4. It's been so long.... On that first screen where you tick your ESP also tick the Skyrim ESM. That should help with your textures.
  5. I still use Oscape to generate my LOD meshes. It's been a while since I've done it though.
  6. I was looking at those Shadowrun games. They remind me a little of Jagged Alience. So far I'm enjoying FO4. Modding it is a bit different from Skyrim, but I'm getting the hang of it.
  7. Sort of. The process is a little different for statics. For statics I'd use blender to go from OBJ to Nif. You should be able to do weapons with OS though.
  8. Downloading FO4 now. I caught the sale. Can't wait to start modding. Thanks for the input.
  9. I'va been thinking about giving that series a go.
  10. Yeah, I have the ME trilogy. Great games, though I didn't like three as much as the other two.
  11. Ha! The woes of PC gaming. :laugh: There's always some tiny detail to tweak out on.
  12. Ha! I'll have to spend a month modding it before I can even start the game.
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