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  1. don't forget that im a wolf! :P and i really like to kill things... :lol: ~Erionia
  2. *spins around in the barstool and then falls on the floor* weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ~Erionia
  3. *chops the dremora's head off since it was just standing there* ok that's fixed now. *walks over to the bar and gets some flin* ~Erionia
  4. *runs back in the tavern* ok i think everybody forgot what i said now... *sighs in relief* hey why is there a dremora lord over there *walks over to it and hits it on the head with her sword* ~Erionia
  5. Yeah prolly 'cause Im a werewolf... *realizes what she just said and stands there shocked by her stupidity* NO I NEVER SAID ANYTHING! IM NOT A WEREWOLF NONE OF YOU CAN PROVE IT!!! *runs outside screaming* ~Erionia
  6. no im originally from oblivion... man was it crazy in there... :P i was beat up by a few dremora lords and a golden saint :blink: but then i killed them and ended up here randomly ~Erionia
  7. *looks at Kain* you look... evil... yeah... um don't kill me now! :unsure: ~Erionia
  8. *Walks around the tavern and finally sits on the couch in the back* :blink: ~Erionia
  9. :blink: riiiiiiight ~Erionia
  10. I'm this. (either pic) :P And YES I know they look like foxes :rolleyes: ~Erionia
  11. Uhh I guess introducing Erionia Name: Erionia Pronounced: Air-eye-o-niah :P Age: 18 Sex: Female Race: Wolf-person Weapon: Keening Fighting Tactics: Just kinda stabs everyone into a bloody pulp. Attitude: Calm, enjoys killing Orcs, holds grudges against people for a VERY long time until she decides to just kill them. :lol: ~Erionia
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