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  1. Here Thank you, very helpful! Seems modding Witcher 3 is more complicated than I had anticipated, but the link you gave explains a lot.
  2. Forget about Beth games modding, here all things are completely different :smile: Yes, I got that much, but still no answers, any posts/tutorials/youtube etc... on using mods with Witcher 3 that would be useful for beginner? I'd appreciate any helpful links.
  3. I'm new to PC gaming, I use mods on console for Skyrim SE XB1, but I decided to start PC gaming so I can use mods on other games I enjoy, specifically my fav game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, but my question is does mods for Witcher 3 work with LOOT or do you need to manually order mods for the game? Is there any set load order that mods should place for Witcher 3, in categories like specific place in load for Textures, Weapons, Armor, etc... such as with Skyrim or other Beth games?
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