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  1. HeyYou's post in my skyrim se keeps crashing. was marked as the answer   
    You wanna post in the SkyrimSE technical help forum then. This forum is for Vortex support.
  2. HeyYou's post in Can't update Vortex was marked as the answer   
    Can you run the uninstaller for Vortex manually? I don't know if that will remove all Vortex data or not.....
  3. HeyYou's post in Problems with SkyUI despite SKSE installation was marked as the answer   
    Skyrim Legendary Edition is 32 bit. That's the flavor that came out back in 2011. SE came out later, and is 64 bit. SKSE is version specific, and the 32 bit flavor won't work with the 64 bit version of the game. Get SKSE from here. Be sure to get the version for your game version. Same goes for SkyUI.
  4. HeyYou's post in Oblivion mod question was marked as the answer   
    You should post in the Oblivion section. :) You can find it in the "Game Specific forums" section, under "O". :D Welcome to the nexus. :D
  5. HeyYou's post in Cannot install Vortex (Windows 10) was marked as the answer   
    CCleaner *should* have found orphaned entries.....
    RegEdit is indeed dangerous, so, back it up before making any changes. Search for Vortex, and nuke anything you find. Once done, restart your system, and try and install Vortex.
  6. HeyYou's post in Slow download speed was marked as the answer   
    Have a read here.
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