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  1. Are you using xedit? Or the CK?? ESP files aren't supported in Starfield. Various flavors of ESM instead. (or was that just a typo?)
  2. There aren't any that I am aware of..... I use most of the StarUI mods, and the fixes required for some of them, and don't have any performance issues with them...... The ship builder can take some time populating some of the menus, but, that's about it.
  3. I think its in the ship menu, crew, and there is a tab for outposts. Not sure if you can select them for travel from there though..... On the star map, systems you have outposts in will have the little symbol next to them....
  4. When I add mods mid-playthru, when I go to load my save, the game asks me if I want to use the load order from the save, or the current load order, if yours asks you that, tell it 'current'.... see if that works.
  5. No Clue on that one..... I just can't find much in the way of info on that error.
  6. Is that a 'windows' error? Or NVSE reporting it?
  7. Uninstall the game via steam, then, delete the install folder (in steamapps) and any other folders the game creates. Generally, those will be in My Games, and AppData\Local.
  8. You have mod issues. Your best bet is to start over again, with a fresh, clean install of the game, make sure it runs...... Then start adding mods one or two at a time, and again, verify the game will start.....
  9. Or just have the mission description mention where it is......
  10. Does it happen with every ship? I have had issues with a few of 'em, but, usually, getting a different ship solves the issue, and then I can modify to my hearts content.
  11. That would actually make sense..... After all, his suit has "Mantis" in the name, so, it IS specific to the mantis..... And if the pirates/spacers run from a single ship, when they outnumber it 5 to 1..... you would think that might prompt them to think twice about engaging with the mantis him/herself.
  12. Not only that, but the Frontier is made by Nova Galactic, Constellation doesn't have a Stroud-Eklund ship.
  13. Just deprive them of power. They'll stop firing.
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