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  1. Still a bit pricey.... but, it's a laptop, with top of the line hardware. Screen is 2K native, so I don't think you will have an issue with graphical fidelity. Should run the game for ya just fine. Should run just about ANY game for ya just fine...... MSI quality/reliability is hit and miss though. We used to sell some MSI gaming laptops at work, but, we had too many of them come back with issues within the first year.... so, we quit stocking them.. Of course, there were also those that we sold, and never saw again. Lets hope yours lasts you a good long time.
  2. add an exclusion for the game install directory as well, or, see if you can tell defender that SFSE is "OK".... (not sure if that's doable, or not.....)
  3. I have to milk the job for play time. (the customer doesn't get charged for my milking though. :D)
  4. Yep. I work at a small computer shop in town. We deal mostly with businesses, but, we do get the occasional gamer. Do a couple gaming builds every month, and see machines in for service on a regular basis. I just LOVE when someone brings in their gaming rig, and says something like "Fallout 4 doesn't run very well. Can you fix it?" My boss just rolls his eyes. :D
  5. 4700 bucks for a LAPTOP????? Holy smokes...... I could build two nice desktops for that kind of scratch...... I am going to vote for the bars and strip clubs. Probably be cheaper.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't two separate systems...... one damages health, the other applies afflictions if exposed to specific conditions for X amount of time.
  7. There is no mod support for consoles yet. You are gonna have to wait.
  8. Basically, it's some writer filling space in a column. I agree with you on this, we don't have the CK yet, so, its no surprise (or, at least, it shouldn't be) that mods are rather limited at this point. There is still a fair bit of data to decode..... we simply don't know what it does. Once the CK drops, I expect to see some REALLY cools mods.
  9. Corrupted or unreadable partition tables..... Some variety of recovery software *might* be able to get your data back, but, if it does work, I would back up the drive to something else, and then stop using it......
  10. You could try removing the drive itself from the enclosure, install it into the computer, but, usually, when you see those kinds of errors, the drive itself has failed. Only way to get the data back, is send the drive out to a facility that has the tools and equipment for data recovery. As a "poke and hope", could try a different USB port, or even a different computer, but, I expect the results will be the same. And, as a REAL shot in the dark, try downloading 'recoverit' software, see if it can rebuild the partition tables and such on the drive. It *might* work, but, wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. That's generally my approach as well. Give the game a year or three to mature before buying it. But, Starfiled looked like the game I have been waiting for since Privateer came out, way back when, and I simply couldn't resist. I pre-ordered, and got the early access package. For me, that game runs pretty good, and I haven't seen nearly as many bugs as some folks have. Of course, I have also gotten the modders fixes for a fair few that I DID see. (not to mention mods that alter the game to closer to my preferences....) I've been running steam in offline mode though, and NOT getting the updates as soon as they are available. I am still on 1.7.something..... the subsequent patches don't offer me anything I really need or want, so, I will let THOSE mature for a bit, and maybe another round or two of patches before updating. Hopefully, by then, the CK will be out, and the mods that I am using will be updated via the CK. At that point, I'll likely reinstall the game, and start another playthru. Think I am currently on NG+ 7 or 8.... and level 180something.
  12. I expect that some of the first mods will be new POI's, or a mod that varies the number/locations of bad guys/loot within the existing ones. That will go a long way toward relieving some of the repetitiveness of the game.
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