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  1. I ban Oblivionaddicted because you posted fewer messages than me
  2. OK, now that you've somehow managed to get Skyrim running on your 486, I'd get a machine actually meant for the game and run it there. That 486? It's for Doom.
  3. Post on the Dual Sheath Redux comments forum. You will likely get more attention there.
  4. Is it only these daggers, or does it occur with any dagger you attempt to use, even vanilla ones?
  5. Actually, I said more than that. I would like it not to stray too far from the intent of the Argonian's look, but something that would enhance it further. No turning them into draconic humanoids, for instance. Keep them reptillian/amphibian looking, like how they are in the base game. Beyond that, I'm willing to accept whatever comes up. Additionally, body mod compatibility was something that I struggled to really find with Argonians, esp. with the combination I want to use (as stated in the intro).
  6. Which is the reason why I'm looking for interested texture artists for the project. There are Argonian body retextures, just none that really satisfy my needs. At least, not currently.
  7. I know Forgotten Argonian Roots exists, but that's not what I'm looking for. It's not really compatible with the feet replacement mods. And it's not compatible with the version of Better Males that I want to actually use (Sundracons). And yes, I'm planning on using Digitgrade Beast Races Full DLC Edition for the feet replacer. I just said "Argonian Raptor Feet", since the mentioned mod incorporates Raptor Feet, and compatible textures for Raptor Feet are compatible textures for Digitgrade Beast Races.
  8. Am I the only one who feels that Argonians got little focus when it comes to retextures of their body? Yes, I know there are a few out there already, but none of them really meet my needs. I want an Argonian body replacer that enhances them, yet doesn't change their racial look. I also want something that is compatible with some Argonian-specific mesh replacers - notably the various feet replacers (Raptor Feet, Grimoas's feet, Reptillian Feet). And, of course, usable with body replaces - not just UNP and CBBBE, but also something that works for the various versions of Better Males (FavoredSoul and Sundracon). I'm no texture artist, but I will say that full compatibility for the various feet mods and body replacers would seriously work. However, for me, I'm most likely going to be using UNP, Better Males (Sundracon), and Raptor Feet in my playthoughs, so that combination should get priority. Of course, don't forget vanilla. And yes, I know there's going to be multiple options. To the author who decides to undergo this project, I will provide NMM/MO and Bash installers for it. I can also provide mod page maintenance and even hosting if you need a maintainer. Who's up to making a proper Argonian retexture?
  9. The Nexus does not support pirating of anything, and will ban anyone suspected of being a pirate. What you should do instead is see if you can recover your past account - maybe you forgot the password or username. If that's the case, I'd talk to Valve support to see if they'll reset your password or give your username for your older Steam account.
  10. I've got this email too - my first thoughts on reciving it were akin to "That's funny, the Nexus never sends emails except on PM notifications, and a NMM version update seems like a weird and suspicious reason to send messages. And I never recall them using Mailjet before." I basically ignored it afterwards, I do not use NMM at all. Only when this was revealed to be a supicious email was when I deleted it and reported it as a phishing/malware email.
  11. Actually, there is an option within SUM to disable BOSS from being run. Look in the other options section.
  12. Making wolves passive to werewolves is one of the options of Werewolf Mastery, along many other nice things that you can use to customize your werewolf.
  13. I think a mod for that exists already on the Nexus - if not, it's hosted somewhere else.
  14. That actually sounds very novel and interesting. I don't think I have the time to do it, but I will keep track of it.
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