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  1. I spoke to someone on Reddit earlier who said this can't be done without more tools :c I hope they're wrong but idk
  2. I've asked for this both on here and reddit, just commenting in a hope that someone will see it! So far had no luck :(
  3. I keep checking this site every few days lol, I've also asked on Reddit so hoping someone is able to do it soon! It seems a few of us want it
  4. Hey all, I really hope someone who is actually talented (unlike me) can actually make this mod lol. It drives me crazy that when you land at a city after the first time it doesn't show the cutscene anymore, EVEN WHEN YOU LAND A THE LANDING PAD! It just teleports you outside your ship. This is annoying because it breaks immersion super quickly and also if I have some items in my ship I'd like to take out to sell, I have to turn around and go back into the ship to get them, as opposed to just getting out of the chair and grabbing it on my way out. If anyone is able to make this, I'd be extremely grateful! Thank you!
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