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  1. I never get on the forums, but I recently started watching Grandma Shirley's Skyrim LP (she also has an ongoing Skyrim SE LP) and remembered there's a mod request forum here. Would it not be GRAND if we could have her turned into a follower mod using voice files from her 300+ LP videos (granted her permission, ofc)? I think I would cry. I'm not new to modding, but I am new to creating mods myself, and I'm still learning the ropes. I could probably do it myself eventually, but wondering if there's anyone out there who would have fun taking a crack at this :D
  2. I'm converting a few old mods by others for my own personal use in SSE. Should be fairly simple. Export facegen data, re-save ESP. Only problem is I'm getting CONSTANT errors every time I try to export facegen, errors like "MODELS: Could not find model ___.nif" and "FACEGEN: Non-skinned facegen part ____.nif" and the strange, mysterious "TEXTURES: Should have been converted offline," also some errors about missing facegen tint maps? I hit Yes to All, then the CK stops working and I have to kill the program. I know the very bare basics of modding but this has never happened to me before, and I'm about to lose my mind over it. My guess is the fix is fairly simple and there's something obvious I'm not doing. Please help. :(
  3. 1.) There are a few mods that perform mass edits on faces, the most popular and all-encompassing of which would probably be Xenius Character Enhancement. Makes a lot of edits to faces to make some general adjustments. If you're looking for gender-specific ones, obviously there are going to be a lot aimed at female characters and far fewer for males, but personally I enjoy Better Females by Bella (I use the non-makeup version as some of these are quite caked) and Geonox's high res face maps for men (one of my favs - it makes a REALLY big difference IMO). You can use these and Xenius's mod together, though I would reccomend installing Xenius first and then following up with the other two and overwriting whatever from XCE they need to. There are also good mods for better looking beast races as well which I can reccomend if you're interested. 2.) I use an athletic body mod for females called Athletic Nude Women. It's not over the top but it's not too subtle to be unnoticeable, and despite the name, you actually can choose a version with underwear and it's compatible with vanilla body meshes. 3.) It's hard to say what mods are compatible with others since there are SO many, but generally speaking, if you keep your face mods gender-specific and stick to one for each, there shouldn't be issues. I reccomend XCE because it takes care of some of the smaller tweaks that the gender-specific mods sometimes don't cover. It seems we have similar tastes -- I enjoy realism and I don't indulge much in flowy amazonesque faces and perfect bodies, so I think you will find what you're looking for in these reccomendations.
  4. Okay, that's pretty much all I needed to know. Is there any way I could free up that 1.7 GB of RAM so I'd have a little more? Sorry if these questions are ridiculous - like I said, I'm not great with tech things. As far as high-end games go, I mostly only play console, and use this computer for digital art using Photoshop and the like. I just wanted to get Skyrim on here so I could utilize some of the great mods coming out. To be fair, it runs pretty well minus any major graphics-enhancing mods; I have a few like Vurt's Flora Overhaul (low-res version), Water and Terrain Enhancement, etc, but I don't think those are too stressful on FPS as far as I know because they didn't make any major dents in-game. I'm fine sticking with these, I just mostly wanted to know if there was any way I could enhance my system and/or free up space so that I could possibly partake in ENB and bigger texture mods.
  5. First of all, I'm new. Hi everyone. Moving on, I finally got Skyrim for my laptop (after having it on PS3 and dying over not being able to use mods) and it runs okay with graphics-enhancing mods installed. There's still some lag that I'm not totally comfortable playing with, so I feel that the right upgrade to my system could substantially improve performance. I'm just not sure which one I should get! I want to be able to run Skyrim with better texture mods and probably an ENB as well, and I'm pretty certain if I tried to install higher-res textures, performance wouldn't cut it. My game right now is just at the level where FPS is tolerable. So I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Here are my specs: Acer Aspire 5560 (Windows 7) x64-based PC AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 1500 Mhz, Quadcore 4.0 Installed Visible Memory (RAM) 1.74 Available Physical Memory I think that's all the necessary info but let me know if it's not. I'm still a big newbie to tech things. So what should I do? Get a better memory card? Upgrade my RAM? Help me out!
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