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  1. www.youtube.com/oxidthegamer
  2. Greetings! Ive been here for a while voice acting for a few mods. But because i would say i have improved a lot since i started, i have to update my info and put myself out here again. Name: Joakim "Oxid"Gender: MaleAge: 20Microphone: Blue SnowballVoice: I try to do any type of character that is given to me. My accent isnt typically nordic unless i force it out.From: SwedenHere is my Soundcloud, where my first sample ended up and my latest. = www.soundcloud.com/oxid95 A little info about me: So i have been on the nexus since i knew about it, didnt really make an account until there was some mod that forced you to make an account. When i realized people actually do really cool things with just their voice. I started thinking... All the sounds and things i say in stupid ways, maybe i can use it to something awesome? So i applied to voice act, with 0 skill in the subject. But i voiced a character and they used it. i didnt really like the outcome, but that is because i never heard my voice on someone else but myself before. But now i have a folder full with good and bad recordings ive made through out the year or so ive been active here. This is a very fun thing to do. Outside the world of the nexus i play games and make content. That is pretty much videos and pictures. I love to draw and edit and entertain people. Making someone happy makes me happy. What makes me even happier is when someone tell me that i make them happy xD. Anyhow! I hope you have a good day or night, and wont get pissed off about my wall of text. ^^
  3. I have updated my voice samples with better quality and other stuffs :3 ---> https://soundcloud.com/oxid95/oxid-voice-acting-samples
  4. Actor Stats Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Swedish/Nord Active Member: Always on the nexus browsing for stuffs Playable Races: Basicly would try anything you tell me what my voice could fit and ill try to do it ^^ Experience: Nothing but doing voices in my sparetime Skills: Editing/drawing/Talk to people/ and gaming in general. About Me: Swedish Streamer/gamer and partly youtuber. Love messing about with my voice and have people laugh at how amazinly wierd i can get my voice at times. Voice Samples: Some few samples i did quickly :smile: Only with my normal voice. https://soundcloud.com/oxid95/voice-samples
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