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  1. I get no crashes, also don't have any of those large "texture optimization" bullcrap packs installed. The problem is that the game does not use my VRAM to load textures, which creates heavy stuttering as they are streamed from my drive. The problem occurs regardless of gamesave state, old or new. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, Fallout 4 runs like crap for me. My relevant specs are: 3770k @4.6ghz, Samsung 840 SSD, R9 290x and R9 290 with CF disabled for Fallout 4. 1440p resolution. I have a good amount of texture mods (I had an insane amount in Skyrim and Fallout 3/NV without a problem). The game only uses ~1/2 my available VRAM, and then streams textures from my SSD on cell load. This is super noticeable outside and causes a halt in framerate for a good second or so. Makes firefights impossible. I'm using ENB with the settings all correct (not a newbie at this, lol) with the memory set to 13000 MB. Vramsizetest shows 16500 available. I also used Ordenador to compress my textures to see if that would help, but it didn't. I have run the game with stock ini files and with a bunch of tweaks, no difference. Removing my textures folder completely solves the issue, but that's just a symptom of the real problem; Fallout 4 is unable to utilize my available VRAM. This is pretty laughable seeing as how DX9 Skyrim and 3/NV could use all 4GB but DX11 Fallout 4 won't use more than 2GB.. Any idea how to solve this? Sidenote, crossfire is still absolutely broken in this game.
  3. Hi, my Skyrim installation has been incredibly messed up for a while now and I can't figure out why. I gave up a few months ago and decided to just not play anymore, but the past few days I decided to figure it out once and for all and I've been working to fix it. The problem is this: Whenever I load an exterior save (clean save, old save, new save, no matter) my game crashes immediately. But here's where it gets weird. If I load a save in an interior (or start a new file) and get the game started, I can load the save in the exterior and play without a problem. Actually, with all the recent bugfixing I've done it plays really well now. Things I've tried -I slimmed down my load order from ~190 to ~135 mods (will post load order at end) -Made sure ENB is correctly configured to help with memory (~3.5gb use of my 4gb VRAM) -Checked to make sure Sheson's patch is still working properly and that blocks aren't full -Checked Papyrus logs and removed most mods and scripts throwing multiple error codes -Used TESVEdit and removed most mods causing lots of errors (DLCs too - I am disappoint, Bethesda) -Tried running the game with a new save, still happens after my intial save -Tried running the game with 0 mods, and a new save -Compressed my textures and resized the >4096 ones -Made sure my ini's are still tweaked properly (they seem to be, I will attach) -Forcing single GPU (this bug happened before I went CF) I did remove my Meshes folder for a bit and the game started up flawlessly every single time. I figured maybe a corrupt mesh, but process of elimination yielded nothing. What I did find out, however, is that after a certain amount of meshes (not many, ran the game with many more for years without problem) I get the issue. What confuses me is that if this was a problem with the amount of high poly meshes (I use SMIM and parallax mods), wouldn't the problem appear regardless of whether or not the game is running? Please help me, I really want to play Skyrim again. My relevant PC specs are as follows: ASUS Sabertooth Z77 i7 3770k @ 4.6GHz R9 290x + R9 290 crossfire (using FEAR CF profile for TESV) Samsung 840 Pro SSD 4x4gb G. Skill Ripjaws X RAM
  4. Figured out the problem - I had uninstalled a mod and removed it as a master from a few other mods before removing the references. This caused a bunch (200+) errors in the mods so I had to manually clean them out,
  5. Hi, I'm having a strange issue. When I try and load my game, it loads OK but never gives me control and no menus pop up. The music plays, and the slideshow goes to the intro where the menus would normally be, but nothing happens from there. I have had this problem once before when I had way too many mods, so I removed a bunch of them. Now here's where it gets weird; the only mod I've installed recently is the Readius mod, and I played with that no problem last night and this morning. I installed IMCNNV, and that's when this started. Recognizing this meant too many mods, I manually removed all the files from INCNNV, bringing me back to exactly where I was this morning. I still have the issue. What I don't understand is if my setup will work fine for weeks, how can it out of the blue stop working? Now the only way to get it to work again is to disable 1/2 of my mods. This is my full load order. Most of these plugins are edited to be compatible with each other, all of them have had errors and identical to master records removed. I am using FNV4GB to launch NVSE, and I have NVAC and stutter remover. Any suggestions? I have double checked my asset files and I did in fact remove all traces of IMCNNV. I also tried to launch the game without any Meshes, Textures, Sounds, and Music folders and .bsa's to eliminate the possibility of a corrupt asset file. One last thing, I have not recently edited anything in my .ini files.
  6. I didn't try your method yet, just stating what I did to get my games back on my SSD after I formatted it. So if I understand correctly, I should move all of my game files on my SSD to a separate folder on my HDD, and Windows will hang on any files that are corrupt? I have enough space to do this, so it's worth a shot. I will attach a picture of my load order. The only mods that have been changed or installed since my game was working fine are the three mods at the bottom. Several of these have been tweaked or overhauled by me, so if you see some mod names that are unfamiliar it's probably my doing. Here's hoping this forum supports spoiler tags...
  7. So you think it's a corruption problem? My method of transferring my files was to compress them from my SSD to my HDD, format my SSD, then extract the files to my SSD. The folders before and after were the same size, and all of my other games work well, but it is a possibility. One thing I noticed with more playing is that the stutter isn't gone at all. But, if I turn off script processing via console, the stuttering seems to stop. This makes me wonder, maybe a script from a mod? The only thing is, I have only installed three or four mods in the past 8 or so months. Only one of them had scripts (Custom Beginning I think) so I removed that and all the other new mods and started a new playthrough... Still stuttering. What's really throwing me off is that I can't tell if the problem is a script hogging CPU or the scripts causing a slowdown because of something else. My thinking is that if the problem is the scripts, then why does the game play fine for the first five or so minutes? It feels almost as if the game is not letting itself take up enough RAM, but I have used and tweaked several old (working) copies of my .ini files but still no luck. Also, I have checked via Task Manager and Fallout3.exe and ENBHost combined are capable of taking up more than 2GB...
  8. Hi, I reinstalled Windows 7 the other day and now Fallout 3 keeps stuttering very badly. It doesn't stutter if I stay still or right when I start the game, but after five or so minutes it stutters every time I turn. It feels almost like the game is running out of RAM or something. This is not the normal, crappy Gamebryo stuttering, but hard, 3-5 second pauses if I move my character a couple inches, open the Pipboy, pause menu, or inventory... I've gotten used to Fallout's quirks but this is unplayable. I copied all of my files exactly from my previous installation, so I can't figure out why this is happening. Here is what I have tried: -Installed all of the helper files (DX, GFWL, etc) -Made sure Fallout3.exe can handle 3GB RAM -Tweaked ENB settings (VRAM, memory manager, etc. but I get stuttering with or without ENB so that's not it) -Set Fallout3.exe to run as Admin with XP compatibility pack -Checked to make sure Fallout antistutter FOSE plugin is still there -Uninstalled any mods I have installed since the game was working -Use older .ini files -Tweak .ini settings (iPreloadSizeLimit, etc.) -Turning Vsync on or off (no difference in stuttering) -Check if VRAM is full (it's not, I have 4GB) -See if Fallout is taking too much RAM (Fo3.exe and ENBhost.exe take about 1.7GB combined when I get the stuttering) -Changing threads to 2, 5, or 8 (no dif) -My SSD is nowhere near full and has very fast transfer speeds so it's not that -I don't think it's a hardware issue, Fallout ran fine before and all other games run perfectly -My page file is 1GB if that matters (used to have it entirely off) -Using new 14.4 drivers, before I used 13.12 but I still get stutter on those now too -My framerate is fine, outside I get 40-50 FPS and inside I get around 70-100 (I run triple monitor) when I'm not stuttering -CPU usage skyrockets during the stutters I'm at my wit's end, I thought I knew almost everything about how this game works but I can't figure out what the problem is here. Any help is appreciated. My hardware: Sabertooth Z77 3770k @ 4.8GHz R9 290 @ 1200/1500MHz Samsung Pro 840 SSD (has my games) PNY XLR8 120GB SSD (OS) Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD 4x 4GB G. Skill Ripjaws X 1600MHz RAM Corsair AX860 power supply ASUS Xonar DX sound card A bunch of radiators and blocks and other watercooling crap
  9. I am also on Beta, an update was released today. I saw Steam download and install it, so I guess we just have to wait until SKSE is updated.
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