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  1. Are you for real? SKSE makes "physical keys" for when the "electronic locks" won't work propertly, if they work at all...
  2. that thread got unstickeyed and closed. Edit: ok, only closed.
  3. Only if they officially abandon the project for SSE, people will actual start to fork it - rules or not - you can bet on it. Which is probably why they haven't said it outright. But having read their last update on the matter, it certainly sounds like they've just given up entirely. They just won't say as much because, as you said, people will start forking it with no regard for the SKSE team's wishes because, let's face it, all the BEST mods require SKSE in order to actually work -- not to mention Skywind and Skyblivion, which will require SKSE when/if those ever see a release. Or someone manage to hack into the game base/source codes and fix/modify the game engine...
  4. It's already been stated they won't accept payment, even as a donation. Far as I know, none of the team work together outside of the SKSE team, so it may be a case of their actual jobs taking precedence and finding time to properly work on SKSE is difficult for everyone. Heh! Maybe players and modders alike can go back to other games now, there are plenty of mods to be made, updated, upgraded, fixed, tested, downloaded, played, endorsed, enjoyed, etc...
  5. I was meaning to refer to the low level structures as well. Hooking those up again should not require checking to see if they meet a high standard. They will either test positively that they are the correct function or value, or they won't. There is no "standards" scale that I see for the work to be done on this. 64-bits stuff isn't merely 2x 32-bits stuff, and there were changes to the base stucture of the game as well.
  6. Why can't you simply choose not to read it? And risk missing an actual update? ---- Maybe, we should try using this?
  7. Some of them could still do modding for Oldrim and other games.
  8. Some players are waiting for SKSE64 as a side effect of waiting for mods that require/need it. Some modders are waiting for SKSE64 because their mods require/need it. Other modders are waiting for SKSE64 so they can stop working on their mods (that don't require/need it). It is very simple and very complicated at the same time. Now, if some modders could just stop wasting time waiting, and go back to making/polishing/updating mods for other games in the meantime... might even help with some players.
  9. And they, like many of us, are probably sick of blind fanboy'ism as well. Fanboyism implies a high level of irrational thought, after all that's why you call it "blind" fanboyism. To be fair I expect there's probably an even split of fanboys between the "OMGZ WTF wont they release it already I must have for a lot of my mods!" and "Love SKSE take your time!" camps. The reason I listed out the posts isn't because I'm a fanboy, but because between them they paint a picture of the scale of the work. They help quantify the work involved and I wonder how many people have missed the posts: how many did we have the page right after ianpat posted an update asking for an update for instance, or if you followed the previous thread you may even have had a giggle when people missed the fact that Behippo was one of the people behind the *SE tools. I'm all for seeing progress updates, but come on lets be rational about it. Then you (and some others) might want to be more careful when reading and replying to some posts, otherwise, complaining about "reading comprehension" get hypocritical. You made a hard effort to look smart, but you failed, your basis are wrong, the only people on earth that can finish this job are them, they can't teach others and cannot put on risk their job. People please let them work, and forget about SKSE64 for a time, check this thread every week, but stop posting nonsense, what they need is patience and support. They even cant receive money for this because they could lost their jobs. I am telling you, what they do is hard, but they are not the only ones in the world who can do it. They don't have to teach anyone else or risk their careers in order to open source their project, so that others (including myself) could carry on their work if they are unwilling/unable to. To be clear, it is their project, and I will respect whatever decision they make. I am also incredibly grateful for the hard work they have put into it. However, I feel that they have a responsibility to the users who depend on them to release their code and ensure the survival of the project. I say this having created and contributed to several projects of similar complexity and scope in the infosec world. It is a tough decision to make, but I know it is the right one. Point that someone made is that they can not make it open source, they have access to the codes and tools because of their jobs...
  10. And they, like many of us, are probably sick of blind fanboy'ism as well.
  11. Maybe they accepted some external help?
  12. At this point, the thread should be pinned/stickied and closed until they are done, imho.
  13. Might work well with some alternate start mods and ideas for alternate start mods too, ones that rework/remake the intro.
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