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  1. Try the Bucklers mod on the Nexus. It has a Sithis shield in it :D
  2. Yes but Heroic Imperial armor is not standalone version... Yes it is...
  3. Aye, Zim's Thane Weapons Improved mod is really good :D
  4. Batmanna has released the 1.2 update for the Warmonger Armory, which includes left and right belt fastened masks, for vanilla and the Dragonborn DLC. And don't think, oh no, I don't want an armor pack, just the belts! Don't worry, if you like Skyrim, you'll like the Warmonger Armory ;) - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50459
  5. Aye, the Bosmer Armor Pack is a really good mod.
  6. You could make staves that when equipped gives you a new spell which is more powerful and costs less than the normal spell. It would probably be easier than your idea, but it would still work in the same way.
  7. Now, how about a one handed and one bladed Rueful Axe?
  8. Does anyone know where all the DLC texture files are? I can't find them anywhere :S Thanks in advanced ;)
  9. That's a brilliant idea! A while ago I was forced to watch Twilight (the second one) and I must say I liked the werewolves in it. They should look more in control and less feral, so maybe if they used the dogs animations instead of the wolfs. They should be about as tall as humans, with more bulky bodies instead of the half starved look of Skyrim wolfs. Hope someone picks this up!
  10. You should definitely try Immersive Creatures, it's one of the best mods on Nexus, in my opinion!
  11. You could of course just make a horse which looks like a boat and "walks" on water, since it's probably the simplest thing to do, maybe with new animations, and obviously a new model for the boat. I'd say Chesko might do this, since it seems simple enough.
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