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  1. overall it still is extrem confusing design, too much unwanted informtion but not that what needed. I.e. I want a direct and easy way to send a message / correspondence to/with a modder of that I see a mod (maybe because asking for permit, or start a discussion to some issues with him). Currently it needs log time until I fnd a way for such.You should not follow in all bad doing to Windows 11 "improvements" which also forces the user to have new and strange overlays and settings made before are obsolet. Nexus should be designed for PC, not for Smartphone this avatar on every mod even if I have called the mod's list of the modder in case, is massive disturbing. The avatar at top of the modder's list is all neede all other is overstressing the visitor. Also for me the problem is that I want to have an option to checkmark what games I like and nothing to see for other games. You always stress the visitor with unwanted informations, propaganda, like sales promotion. terrible. A registered and looged in user should be free from such (or will be your next step same as lot of websides have, the alternative between "pay" or "see ads". So your dooing looks now.)
  2. no, don't like it, the User's left row is a lot too big. With what monitor our work?
  3. This is the solution - thanks to @redeggplant01 of reddit "In your Skyrim.ini file look for this variable [bethesda.net] bEnablePlatform=1
  4. 1) I did try both, along with new installation of steam: original English and German, no success 2) no firewall does block anything related, setting is default WIndows 10 3) I can run all mods of the DC fine (got them from internet in between) but the login of skyrim AE is the problem. There is something not working with the automatically connection to bethesda net and with login to CC. Fond none who can say what process happens at start to establich connection (fles/script, whatever, should be installed by steam when buy the AE and activated it, but it fails, why? )
  5. I have payed the AE DLC and steam says I got it installed fine. When I start Skyrim AE I get instantly an Overlay "$Thanks for buying ..." "download" while the first letter is a $ what shown this gets not correctly. After that, I get message, that my email address is connected to Bethesda.net already, but asks me for email and pw. After type in both and click I enter I get "cannot establish connection" When in Skyrim AE I click on CreationClub, it shows me an overlay to create an account, but this fails same way. By this I cannot get the DLC content and a connection to CC connection to Steam is fine and I'm online.
  6. Could you elaborate a bit this specific claim? I mean, can you provide some examples and results from your personal tests? Thanks in advance. also, if you make dummies, all dummies must depend on the same named master esp with CK or SSEdit (make them as "Light") otherwise LOOT will not sort the dummy esp(s) together with its master esp but spread somwhere which my cause grafic loading issues and such. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/50494 My primary test mod had been https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44309
  7. Question: Can I (is it allowed) open a forum thread (maybe with subthreads) in German language (only / required) for German users need help with accepted postings in German only?
  8. A new manual, in which the information arising in the course of the development of CAO 64 is processed, which makes much of what was written earlier on the subject in need of revision, is available HERE as a 23 page PDF.
  9. I'm no tsure that you're right. In Skyrim SE I have several mods with BSAs made with word after the "-" identically with the folder, i.e. NameOfYourMod - Textures.bsaNameOfYourMod - Meshes.bsaNameOfYourMod - Misc.bsaand I refer to https://geckwiki.com/index.php/BSA_Files Using new assets with new BSA files Important is that the word before the "-" is absolute same as an existing esp/esm because the internal loading according load order of the esp/esm (It may give some restrictions, but not yet found for biger mods a working way with BSA names like modname, modname0, modname 1, etc., and all pack into "modname - textures" even if it is not a texture (i.e. script) seems to work not correctly) But I'm still experimenting with this and open for any informaiton. @Dreifels I read in a Nexus guide if you use only a BSA to load anything either in Mod Organizer 1 or MO2 that you need to update the BSA loading in the skyrim.ini under the [Archive] section. this is for old Skyrim and for Skyrim SE definitely wrong if you let it stand so w/o longer explanation. Below all refers to Skyrim SE along with Windows 10: 1) the max line is 255 characters, and there are only two working proper, as definition in Skyrim.ini (sResourceArchiveList and sResourceArchiveList2. By that, you already have filled thes 2x255 completeley by vanilla and other essentials My Skyrim.ini has [Archive] bLoadArchiveInMemory=1 sArchiveToLoadInMemoryList=Skyrim - Animations.bsa sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Patch.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, Skyrim - Voices_de0.bsa, Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Textures.bsa, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.bsa I had done lot of tests for several months, and use of these lines in skyrim.ini for other mods may cause other, unexcpected issues. 2) Sjyrim SE does not load and keep in Memery full BSAs for long time. I never seen that RAM usage goes above 4GB (+ Windows and background not-Skyrim applications), in oppositie to usage of VRam. 3) Size limit of BSA look for me as depending from free RAM until these max ~ 4GB for Skyrim. (Means 4GB less Skyrim, less other Skyrim-related addons) The secure way for BSA is to keep them below 2,3 GB. More "may* work but is risky as maybe not all graphics will load proper. 4) A mod may not have than 2 BSAs, one with name MyMod.bsa and one with name MyMod - Textures.bsa while you have to watch what is with the compresion (see below) More BSAs for same mod *may* work, but with same risk as I say above: not full load of all graphics or other. (I tested that with very big mods (more than 40GB uncompressed and more than 50,000 files) 5) If you have a mod that needs more than these 2 BSAs, the secure way is to have Dummies, and for these dumies same restirction as for the Mod: max 2 BSAs. A Dummy may have a name like MyMod1.esp MyMod2.esp and the BSAs MyMod1.BSA + MyMod1 - textures.bsa and so on. 6) A dummy should have in header a Dependency to the mod*s esp/esm, otherwise it will not sorted and loaded correctly (resp. its BSAs content), a Dummy may have ESL-Flag and also ESM-ESL-Flag (if mod is esm), according the mod's esp/esm. The best sample how to build a big mod with dummies you may see with Die unglaubliche Reise - SSE 2.0 DV and EV (analyse structur and header entries) 7) name extensions for BSAs other than nothing (like MyMod.BSA) or "textures" (like myMod - textures.BSA) do not work proper if not load in ram by using Skyrim.ini, means, these other names related to the subfolders of /data/ do not work except for those in sjyrim.ini Compression of BSA should be according this white list, made by G_k of Cathedral Assets Optimizer on base of my analyse made before for his new 64bit version of CAO (coming this week) This is because Skyrim's system of working with loading and reading of BSAs and on base of Windows 10 system basics (i.e. the excessive write of logs in background for any file access whcih is covert for the user by windows in foreground where your see operation is finished but in fact it is not yet. You may test it with ope file manager and resourcen manager and mofe more than 200GB loose files from one HDD to another. It writes terrible mass of logs and drops speed as soon as RAM is full. Same is with any file access by Skyrim SE) Because this, the best, most fast and most secure way is either to have loose files or - better to organise and less Win10 log writing) uncompressed BSAs, except some graphics that may be compressed, as that goes to VRam and not to RAM below the extract of my test for CAO within 2 months (more than 300 tests with different solutions and settings) see also the white list we made. 1) files that need to be converted or should be converted - .TGA => .DDS - .WAF (if music) => .XWM | If sound/fx/ DO NOT CONVERT ! - .HKX if LE-Format 2) BSA compression (NEVER high compression!) - uncompressed 2.1) uncompressed BSA - /interface/ - /LOD/ - /music/ - /Scripts/ - /seq/ - /Sound/ - /Voice/ ALL OTHER, except SKSE and other files that do not belong to Skyrim directly. Such must not packed in a BSA Arthmoor: SKSE DLLs are not part of the vanilla game. So although you can put one in there using archive.exe, the game will not process it because it's not designed to. You have to pack those loose if you're including them with a mod. You also can't use SKSE DLLs from LE with SSE. They need to be recompiled by their authors before that would work anyway. . by that, only these may get compressed 2.2) BSA compressed, but never HIGH compression - Meshes - Textures - Animations (some say, also HKX should not get compressed, but this is not clear. Bethesda itself did pack HKX in compressed BSA) - Source (not used and for user's informaiton only, same like txt or other info) - does not belong into a BSA IF the system is strong, smaller BSAs and mods with less than 3 BSAs *may* work even if all put together and compressed, however, there is always a risk that some files of a BSA not get loaded correctly. (I just had this again in an test environment with Dwemer Worldgate. So the secure way is to follow the above systematic strictly. 3.1) There must not be more than 2 BSAs for same esp/esm, while one need (regulary that one which is uncompressed) to have same name as the mod's esp/esm and the other the same name of the mod*s esp/esm plus expansion “ - Textures“. Other solutions *may* work, but risk that some files get not loaeded correctly. 3.2.1) This means, mods which need more than 2 BSAs need to get a dummy. While the same rules apply to every dummie as above. (not more than 2 BSAs like above) --- The new 64bit CAO will be published this week and it has build in all these rules
  10. the idea with some html cone in script is not the success, most of it does not work. All settings seem to be in configpanel.swf of SkyUI
  11. Cecell and TheFutureKnight have colored text in MCM menue of Ethereal Incarnation, made by the script of Ethereal Incarnation. As color and size and italic are all same you may look in SkyUI bsa (entpack it) scripts where this is set and edit it using xTranslate. Looks like same as working in books: <font color='#FF0000'>Health Potions</font>
  12. Detailled step by step instruction for SSE with screenshots are HERE as PDF
  13. My working installation pathes are F:\Steam\Steam.exe along with D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\SkyrimSE.exe and "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\CreationKit.exe" and D:\Bethesda Net Launcher\BethesdaNetLauncher.exe I don't have any game related on c:\... (default) but alll on other HDD
  14. In between I got it working. However, can't remember what in detail had done past year. it was NOT a windows update issue (it was a brand new win installation on a brand new PC that time, so all was up to date) I have it installed in ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\CreationKit.exe,
  15. I had this issue several times when I generated DynDoLod output new with a mod new istalaled, and the mod was original of Skyrim LE and converted (not by me). It is replicateabe. WIth the new DynDoLod output all looks fine, until you hit a point where just this dds gets loaded, and you try to do a save. you get a .tmp with size 0 and a CTD. DynDoLog gives no error message when generating. (same with corrupt niif) The same problem, w/o DyndoLod you can have with installing of any old LE based mod. One buggy dds or nif is right good for a CTD. Most times I coould reconvert them, but not aalways and not all, The modder has to do this. This is a special runtime problem of Win10. It may cause CTDs on systems with new installed Win10/64 ONLY, as Win10 cannot install the old runtimes because "newer version already exist". This problem is not with systems, which had installed Win7 along with Skyrim LE before and got updated to Win10, because these system got the old runtimes times ago and they got not deleted, but Win10 does still read them. So it may be that on an older System these dds work fine, but if you take a system with brand new Win10 you get a CTD. And I have a new Win10/64 system and get just these CTDs) These dds need to get converted new and correctly using runtime versions delivered with Win10 only. I just run again in this problem with "Vigilant" all, Ordenador, DDSConverter 2.2, and NifScan 0.3.2 report invalid Data for mass of .dds Issues are in HiRes Pack 4K Landscape-1-6-0-a\HiRes4KPackBC7_Landscape\Data\textures\ and in Vigilant SE v162\00 Core Files\Data\textures\ Reports below
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