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  1. Thanks for the advice about ba2, I indeed did not pack them. Other loose assets have worked for me before, however. I wanted to avoid doing anything CK related because I will not be able to find all instances of dolphin carcass, and the occlusion/previsible stuff is so whack, I just don't want to even touch anything in the environment. I managed to hide the carcasses by adding an alpha channel to the texture.
  2. Ugh I was hyped but it doesn't work for me. Even last in LO. Something else must be overriding the stubborn dolphin carcasses. Thanks though. They're supposed to pop when you shoot them. All the carcasses in my game are popped, I've only shot one so something must have already popped them as I've been playing a while. Once the carcass is popped it's probably a separate object not edited by the mod. Update: I managed to disappear the carcasses by making the alpha channel of the diffuse map totally black. It mostly works, enough for me. There are specs of blood floating in the air where the carcass was but they aren't as much of an eyesore as the whole carcass was, so I can live with it.
  3. So it sounds like you are saying to replace all entries I want to delete with a null reference, then delete the null references. That is a good approach, thanks.
  4. Hey all, I want to get rid of those rotting dolphin carcasses you find along the coast. I've tried... Replacing the meshes whaleBeached01.nif and whaleBeached02.nif with another mesh (spare tire, car seat, etc) in CKUnpacking the mesh files, opening them, and deleting branches (mesh and collision) from the NIF to make the carcass invisible, then using these emptied meshes as replacersNeither of these has any noticeable impact in-game and it's driving me crazy. What's going on?
  5. I'm a bit stuck. So, the scripts are installed. I've got an esp having the mod I want to make deletions from as a master. I was going to do all the work of deleting on this child esp to keep the master/parent clean. How can I show the records added by the parent mod in my override/child esp? There's got to be a setting somewhere to show records from a specific master, but I can't find it. I want to avoid modifying the parent mod and have all the changes/deletions in the child. Is this possible in xEdit/FO4edit? So something like, delete a bunch of guns from the parent, but save these changes in the child, which then loads after the parent. Secondly, I am guessing the specific script in the tools you were talking about is QuickChange. Is this correct? So then... could I select a bunch of guns, right click- apply script, select quick change. Then option "Remove," but what is the path? In the documentation it says the path is supposed to be something like "DATA\Value", where DATA is one of the abbreviations in the View panel of xEdit. However as far as I can tell, there are no LL entries in the View Panel, only in the References Panel. But apparently the signature for Levelled List is LLVI. So could I use something like "LLVI/[*]" to delete all LL references for an object? Sorry for all the questions. This seems like a promising way to go about it and I want to understand.
  6. I want to remove some weapons and items completely that have been added by a mod. The reason is some items I just don't want in my game, personal preference. Overall is good, but there are a few things I just want to remove. What is the community's suggested best practice to do this? I've done it before by deleting the actual base item records from the mod using xEdit, but this felt janky and I'm pretty sure left broken references all over the place. Obviously if that is an acceptable way to do it, I will gladly continue, as digging through hundreds of LL entries is, uh, daunting. And some of the items I deleted had a sneaky way of getting back into my game even though I deleted them. Right now I made a new blank esp which is dependent on the mod in question, and am ready to start deleting!
  7. Hello, Nothing ruins a FO4 session faster for me than killing some gunner with a stupid voice wearing what looks to be vintage army green GI-Joe fatigues and a poorly modeled anachronistic Gulf-War looking helmet, with a plasma gun, heavy full-length combat armor on left leg, nothing on right leg, and a combat armor torso that is a different color than the leg piece. I already made a mod to trim off the poorly textured and disproportionate belt but it's time to finish the job. I want to make a small modification for myself. Basically I want to completely eliminate the WW2 D-Day cosplay stuff. This includes the vanilla army helmets, the uniforms, etc. I want them totally gone from my game, out of LL, etc. If I can do that, I next want to eliminate the (in my opinion) hideous vanilla combat armor. If I could never again see a raider wearing poorly matched sea-foam-green armor, I'd be so pleased. I could do this quick and dirty by modifying the base mesh to one I prefer. But I actually have a few candidates for replacement in mind. Is there a way I can "point" a reference for one object to another? For example, replace every usage of the vanilla army helmet with a helmet from another esp? I know I'll probably have to get guts-deep into leveled lists and this will be a long and painful process. But before that I figured I'd ask if there was a better way. Any suggestions or discussion welcome. I have The Mercenary, however that only affects (in my game) 10-20% of gunners.
  8. Hi, did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to do the exact same thing for my own game.
  9. Hi all, I'd like a way to preserve the order of items in a hand-sorted inventory grid when loading/exiting the game. For example, I like to put all my alcohest, white gull, etc at the top of the ingredients menu, and likewise order crafting and alchemy materials. As it is now my inventory feels chaotic and difficult to find things in. Is there a vanilla feature I've overlooked, or a mod which addresses this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Mktavish, the issue is mostly resolved, fortunately. After a lot of stuff what I ended up doing is, delete all objects in CAM that overlap with Edisleado's mod. This caused a few problems but I was able to fix them. Then, I loaded Edisleado's mod after CAM, so it basically filled in all the holes. The main problem was both mods assigned a script to cigarette items placed in the world, which replaced the misc item with an aid item. The aid items had scripts which were slightly different, but the names of everything in both mods was the same. It was a tangled mess I caused and I fixed it by removing all cases of overlap with CAM. Now I can litter the wasteland with cigarette butts and empty boxes again ;) There was probably an easier way to do this, for next time
  11. Hi all, I am using these mods: CAM - Chems Alcohol and Meds by SenterPat Light Up and Smoke Those Cigarettes by EdisLeado It seems like CAM has integrated EdisLeado's mod, but lacks a few features of the original, such as: - Dropping of cigarette butt when finished smoking - Dropping empty packs and cartons when retrieving cigarettes Basically, I want EdisLeado's mod to overwrite all cigarette-related records in CAM. I've tried... - Load order - Merged patch - Combining the mods - Manually editing records of CAM I love the "dropping trash" feature of EdisLeado's mod, I find butts and empty boxes all over that I've left dozens of hours ago. I don't care about the extra cigarette brands that CAM adds. I want everything from CAM except the cigarettes, which I want to be overridden by EdisLeado's mod. How can I accomplish this?
  12. Thanks guys :tongue: http://imgur.com/a/adnLR As you can see from the 2 images in the link, the zoom in effect is not subtle at all, and it's very noticeable when the iron sight zoom is disabled. It is also difficult to solve with 'self control' because I have quick trade etc, and right click has legitimate uses with the weapon holstered, and it is jarring to suddenly zoom in to someone's shoes or a brick wall. It is definitely a personal preference, like how there are mods which disable fast travel. I feel like this feature is controled by a game setting, or ini variable, but I haven't been able to narrow it down yet, mainly because I am not sure what this feature would be called. There are many settings that effect zoom and FOV in different scenarios. This feels like a "default zoom." Edit: It seems related to Iron SIght FOV. One thing I have discovered: the "Iron Sight zoom time" setting in the MCM for 'FOV Slider' affects the speed of this zoom-in. Further edit: Maybe, instead of "zooming in," a better description is "narrowing the FOV." I am not so familiar with the technicalities, but with narrow FOV, the view is also magnified. Acute angle versus obtuse angle. IF so this implies there are 2 FOV settings that are switched between. I will try adjusting the ratio of world FOV and first-person to see if it affects the "magnitude of the difference."
  13. Oh OK.... do you know if the feature is called something other than "right-click zoom with weapon holstered?" Other people must have tried to turn this off before. That's exactly what I was thinking, it is exaggerated by the FOV setting
  14. Thanks for the pointers. I'm gonna be out for a few days, should be back Sunday. Do you have this "zoom in" thing in your game, or is it only something with me?
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