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  1. It differs from mod author to mod author. Normally you'll hold some form of auditions with some sample lines and wait for responses. Once you've chosen someone you can either send them the scripts, wait for the lines to come back, and then either implement them or request retakes, or you can sit down in some form of call with them (usually Skype or Discord) and give them live direction whilst they record. Who does the audio editing (cleaning and cutting up of the lines) also differs from mod author to mod author.
  2. Hey everyone, Circuit here. I'm part of the voice acting team behind the recently released VIGILANT Voiced addon for VIGILANT. During development of the addon, we used a discord server to communicate and coordinate, and now that the mod is out, we realised we had a discord server full of some great voice acting talent, and we felt we could make use of that. As such, the team have decided to turn the server into a general hub for Skyrim voice acting, open to anyone! So if you're a voice actor looking to get involved in some Skyrim projects, or a Modder looking for some Voice Artists, feel free to join and say hello! We look forward to seeing you there! The Skyrim Voice Alliance Discord
  3. Hey there, wondering whether you still need any help regarding voice acting? If so, I'd like to help out if you'll have me. I have some samples put up here but if you'd prefer me to audition for some specific characters that's fine too.
  4. Description We, the modders of Epoch Sanctum, are proud to officially announce Evermore, an epic 6 questline Skyrim mod with multiple factions and endings based on Player choice. As you travel throughout High Rock grim, you delve deep into a shifting chain of multi-faceted quests and adventures that explores three different aspects/ interpretations of the Shifting Plague; a deadly and otherworldly epidemic that threatens to tear High Rock asunder. In this, you will be expected to balance morals against the fate of the world, and explore such diverse, philosophical and free-thinking concepts such as the knife-edge between fantasy and reality, as well as the relationship and illusion of autonomy and free will between the creator and the created. As our ultimate set upon the Theater of Fate, we seek to create the entirety of High Rock in this project, as well as a custom-voiced follower, Lauren, who is intrinsically tied into all six main questlines, includes well over a thousand lines of dialogue, and speaks for the People of Evermore. In addition, Evermore shall serve as a base to tie in all of our respective follower mods in A House Divided, a centric hub/ base that combines unique elements that reflects each companion in the physical structure of the house itself, and focuses on the various dynamics between their strong personalities, with multiple quests and scenes. At last count, Aurlyn Dawnstone, Serenity, Virelda, Marcelon, Morgwyn, Clara, Xanthys, Dante, Isi and Lucius are included in this expansion for Evermore. Videos Meet the Team http://epochsanctum.proboards.com/ https://discord.gg/zBQ45C3 mlee3141, DarkRogue21, Druundev, Arron Dominion, selenameeka, Anordil87, PyroToaster, skinnytechboy, Terrorfox1234, CompletetheCircuit, JayCrane, saenokda, delightfullyshadyballoon
  5. Since I can't figure out how to edit/delete my old post from 2013, here's a new one. Actor Stats: Complete the Circuit Active: Yes Age: 20 Gender: Male Playable Races: Argonians, Khajiit, Altmer, Dunmer. Probably Bosmer as well, but I'd be willing to try anything. You can find some voice samples here: https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit/sets/skyrim-voice-samples Experience: I voice acted for both Skywind and Beyond Skyrim, and have been involved in various other non-Skyrim projects. About Me: I've been voice acting for a few years, and am an avid gamer. I can also do a small bit of audio editing if needs be.
  6. This voice is just perfect! If you want you can get one of the roles of the Death-Jarl. I'd love one of the roles! If you can provide some contact details either in this thread or via a private message I'll get right on whatever you want me to do. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I thought I'd have a go at that voice for the death jarl if that was okay? Here is a sample: https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit/death-jarl-sample And here is a slightly deeper sample: https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit/death-jarl-sample-deeper
  8. Always happy to do a little voice acting if you'll have me. Here are a few samples: https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit
  9. What roles/races do you need? All kinds of races and roles. I still need a main role khajiit. I also need Death-Jarl (Dark)voices and some side-roles(Male/Female). Also I need an 2 old man voices. I can do a male khajiit. https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit/khajiit
  10. Your Altmer voice sounds like what I'm looking for, but the volume is quite low. Is there anything that can be done about that without sacrificing audio quality? I can definitely try and increase the volume. If you want to give me a test line I can try my best to get a good quality take that also has good volume and then let you decide after hearing that?
  11. Well, right now I have a few voices for the Hjern. I am currently looking for an elven voice. Any voice that sounds like the elves in Skyrim, be it High Elves, Dark Elves or Wood Elves. If you can help me with this project, you will be in the credits. I can do male High Elves. Here's a sample: https://soundcloud.com/complete-the-circuit/altmer-demo-complete-the
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