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  1. I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
  2. my suggestion is the faction symbol being on the chest instead of the back
  3. I don't know, but whoever it was created the image over a year ago and I haven't seen anything here on the Nexus.. certainly gives justification for the slur of "Zombies"
  4. -Mothership interior. Obviously, no alive aliens, since we're talking about a relic here. what, no Xenomorphs?
  5. imagine having a chestplate with a big red templar cross
  6. take a raft to the other side and then start on a trail full of caves to get to the cave that leads to the Legion Camp, the place you arrive first is a foreward operating base that you see in the distance from the camp, with a seperate trail leading to the Legate's camp
  7. another idea that could be added on are major heists in other regions (think Pit Fighter mod by ThirteenOranges) where you steal valuables from heavily guarded locations, for a good profit
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