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  1. I was sad to find I have the bug with the Mantis quest, where the lever that is supposed to send the ship up to the surface and finish the quest, does nothing but make me unable to step onto the landing platform. This thread is the closest thing to a fix my google-fu has produced, but alas, it did not work for me (the ship elevator never moved, and the ship itself never appeared above ground). I wanted to request a mod that simply unlocks the ship rewarded at the end of the quest. Feels real bad to go out of my way to complete a quest, only for it to bug out and not give you the reward... :C
  2. ... but if I, while the game is frozen, move the mouse to turn myself away, it takes 10-30 seconds before the game un-freezes and I'm no longer facing the direction that makes the game freeze. Thankfully, it has, so far, only happened in two areas; 1. Looking South of "Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm" and looking West from the "Searchlight Airport"'s Western fence. 2. Looking North of "Guardian Peak" and South from "The Devil's Throat". I've no idea what causes the lag, and I've found no solution; just a lot of forum threads, on other sites, with tons of console players getting bad lag in areas... Which doesn't exactly help me. Anyways, thought I'd include my mod load order, in case anyone knows any of the mods I use to cause similar issues. EDIT; Culprit found, a mod - "FCO - Glowing One". Thread can be ignored and/or deleted.
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