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  1. Hi, does anyone know why this happens when I export a mod that have NPCs with the CK 64bit ? https://imgur.com/a/ZVt9S Regards !!
  2. Well, it will be not compatible with SkyUI. I know I've to change something in the .swf file to display the PS3 Buttons instead of xbox buttons.
  3. Hello, does anyone know what I've to change in the buttonart.swf file of SkyUI do get PS button icons instead of xbox buttons ? I opened the .swf file and see that there are PS icons. But ingame I only see xbox buttons. Regards !!
  4. Thanks for your answer bro', unfortunately, it isn't that easy. Langley added some new NiNodes to archiv that fire feature. NifSkope - Langley Smelter http://i.imgur.com/MjNxMcI.jpg A simple copy and paste Branch in Nifskope doesn't work, btw.
  5. Hi guys, I've a request to someone who has knowledge about creating meshes. I really like SMIM's smelter, but I also like Langley's smelter. SMIM's has a great shape, but Langley's smelter has that fire feature where you put the charcoal. The perfect smelter in my eyes has both. So, is someone able to add the fire feature of Langley's smelter into SMIM's smelter ? That would be great. :smile: SMIM http://i.imgur.com/TWC1sxC.jpg Langley http://i.imgur.com/XyJ35Lr.jpg Regards !! :smile:
  6. Hi guys, :smile: is there a mod that keeps the animations of NPCs and so on playing while entering the Vendors lists ? I noticed that the animations stop when, for example Belethor opens his Vendors list. In the crafting menu or at the tanning rack etc. the background still plays while you're in the menus. But not if you buy or sell something at merchants. Greets !!
  7. Hallo, suche Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim auf Deutsch. Jemand ? :)
  8. Open the mod in TES5Edit. Under "Non-Player Character (Actors)" you can see it. http://imgur.com/xmppe44
  9. Vilja in Skyrim adds about 6 children to the game "Emil, Lasse, Olle, Lina, Ida, Liv". Tindra isn't a child.
  10. Vilja adds children to the game, but those are Vanilla.
  11. Hello guys, :) I'd really love to see a RS Children patch for Vilja in Skyrim. If anyone could make a patch, I'd really REALLY appreciate it !! :) Best regards !!
  12. I've the same problem. Dunno how to fix it. :-/ Help would be really appreciated. http://i.imgur.com/fjJi31C.jpg
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