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  1. At this point, if you have a Nvidia GPU you can just use freestyle/Ansel itself which has a greenscreen filter.
  2. I recommend using W3Oven. The uncooked depot is where wcc_lite will look for reference resources when importing (which includes .w2mi and .w2mg). Take note that the Uncooked folder is different from the Uncooked Depot when building a mod. If these steps donât work, you should try setting the material setting from local=true to local=false or vice-versa. Never ran into such issue but I donât exactly remember what setting it is for my mods.
  3. Have the entire game uncooked via wcc_lite and use it as a depot when importing the mesh/textures.
  4. This is a convert from the video, with background noises and music. If you can provide with the voice files without any of these, and for the other dialogue choices and encounter, it can be added back.
  5. Do you have the original sound files so we can add it back?
  6. This mod has both Detlaff and Emhyr's armors as a standlone and not a replacement.
  7. It's defined by the item's base_abilities and the armor value from it.
  8. The scabbard is slot specific, meaning that there are scabbards made for steel sword and scabbards made for silver swords.
  9. None of these are due to mods. Delete the "scripts" folder from \The Witcher 3\content\content0\ and verify\repair your game cache. Make sure to make a backup in another place other than the game's directory.
  10. I believe modders definitively are worth more than users since they are the website's content aggregators and are responsible for bringing an influx of users to it. There is no denial in that. But it doesn't excuse them to be toxic toward their userbase. While good manners are expected of user, a tighter and more mature attitude from authors should also be expected on the Nexus otherwise we end up with ban-happy like those. As a modder myself, it abhorres me when I see people who think they are superior or better than others and demand satisfaction by deleting negative constructive cricitism. While I believe banning people from downloading your mod is incredibly childish, what stops the banned from logging out, downloading it and logging back in (unless its an IP-based ban)? Having this in place only encourages ban-happy modders and toxic attitudes within the community. Sometimes one should indeed block a person who's been pestering and never fully content with a mod that's not to their liking, but this should be a last resort. That user should download the mod the way it is or not download at all.
  11. It must be run on a batch file, and make sure everything is on the same line (if you follow the example on the Quick Manual) a portion of the command is split on a different line. That was what I was having trouble with though.
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