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  1. Saves turn RED...a mod is not enabled that the Save is expecting. Look to the Right side of Wrye...in the box you will see a list of mods that were enabled when the save was created....to get the Save going again all you need to do is enable the mods the are red in the list. IF all the mods ARE available you can also...right click the header and "load Masters" this will enable the mods need automatically. When on the saves tab, right click on the top header and select....List mods....it will list the missing "masters" as long as you install all the mods the save relies on, it will work again. I completely rebuilt a 200+ Load order using this method, and the save worked again. Gotta love Wrye!
  2. LOL....sorry ..you should make a video... OK on a serious note...you said you RE-installed and the problem was gone...then you added mods and it returned...at what point did it return? the best way to mod any Bethesda game is ONE mod at a time, that way you would have known the offending mod.
  3. Download SPM (Skyrim Performance Monitor) Run till the textures go Black, Post the Graph. Black textures is a sign you are loading more textures then you have VRAM. when the game loads more textures then available VRAM it randomly decides what texture not to load, and that is what you see, Black textures. Pink,blue,Violet (depending on how your monitor is displaying the color) are missing textures. What is the amount of VRAM your GPU has?...i dont even run HD 2 K , only Bethesda HR DLC's and am constantly loaded to 2.8 GB VRAM.
  4. IF you have the UNoficial patches...in Whiterun go to the temple...there are a few "statues" that can get rid of "effects" on the player...never had to use them , and I think they are from the Unoficial patches...Something added them to the Temple...
  5. Normally the "crash on Exit" is from the game trying to reference something that is not available. Many things can contribute to this. I 100% stopped having any crash on exit once i cleaned all my Mods including the Official DLC's. Run LOOT, read the report carefully, follow what it tells you, any MODS that require cleaning , do so. This does include the Official DLC's (Dragonborn...ect.). See if that alone fixes the crash on exit. Follow the instructions from the link LOOT gives you . Cleaning with TES5Edit is extremely easy. Only load ONE mod, ( TES5Edit will load any other mods required) , but still only right click and clean the ONE mod you ticked. Exit (close program), then xxedit will ask you to save..<sounds backward but you will see what i mean. EDIT to add a "Gopher Vid on Cleaning"..
  6. Cap your FPS to 60 FPS or near it...wouldn't go above 80FPS in Skyrim, the physics engine goes nuts....WHEN you get killed because you got hit upside the head with a flying CUP you will know what i am talking about..hahahha Funniest one for me so far was tripping over a broom and dying...was low health after a major battle and instead of healing on the spot i wanted to go hide around a corner...ahhhh...sigh. Having a stable game means that sometimes i can lose an hour of progress because i forget to save... I sooo need to upgrade my tired 580's...is why i asked how the 980's do with Skyrim...:)
  7. Hi, Your MOD list is upside down in Wrye bash...looks like you have it sorted by name and clicked twice...reason "w" is the top named file....to fix this sort by "Load Order" and you will then see your list as the GAME will see it. Second column is "Load Order" click once on the header...it will now be sorted by Load Order. IF Skyrim.esm is not the TOP mod click the Load order column again. Now make sure Bashed Patch is the last mod,<<(unless LOOT places another MOD after the bashed patch). Then rebuild the bashed patch. ================================================== No errors in BOSS log? What would you call this?? Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Minor Cities and Town Interiors.esp Version 4 ActiveClimatesOfTamriel-Dungeons-Hardcore.esp Version 3.1- ActiveContains dirty edits: 2 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here.Incompatible with: Realistic Lighting OverhaulClimatesOfTamriel-Interiors-Warm.esp Version 3.1- ActiveIncompatible with: Realistic Lighting OverhaulTO me INcompatible is just that NOT usable together. Also you need to follow the link to cleaning the Mods You are being shown to clean, everyone must clean their mods or CTD is pretty much guaranteed. Only clean what you are told too. Contains dirty edits: 619 ITM, 82 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here. <<<ITs not hard. Only clean ONE mod at a time and close then re-open Tes5Edit. Yes, everyone has to clean the Oficial DLC's Try LOOT instead...BOSS is well.... not getting updated, and LOOT is the new BOSS. Have fun... :smile: EDIT..you also need all the UNoficial patches ( think 4 total? ) and when you use TES5Edit it may show you what you missed, if you do have a missing master..(doesn't look like it in Wrye from what i can see..) Strike that the list is so out of order i missed that the ESM's are mixed in with the esp's...lol ALL Blue mods will be at the top when sorted correctly...:)
  8. Found... With a little creative searching....:) Don't search youtube...go to Youtube, then go to channels and search channels... applefruit gameing
  9. HI, In Skyrim.ini find this line... bAllowScreenshot=1 Change the 1 to a 0 <<zero. IF you use MO your Skyrim.ini is in the "Profile" folder for your current Profile. Everyone else the Skyrim.ini is in the "My Docs ' Folder.>>Documents\My Games\Skyrim Normally the "Prt Scr" (print Screen) is the key to take screen shots...are you using that key for something?
  10. LOOT as with most computer programs cant possibly account for all Mods in all Load orders....SO as Users we have to teach LOOT from time to time. The creator of LOOT gave us a few ways to do this. Use "meta" rules to tell Loot where a mod should be placed. acording to other mods positions....or Use "Global Priorities" will also place any mod in any position in your load order. Using the above you can have LOOT always sort your mods the exact same way every time , so running LOOT wont mean you have to re-do your list. Does the sound stay?...i have one spell that has a nasty loud static, but goes away if switching to a different Spell....Hope you find it as a bad sound is extremely irritating. Have you tried asking in the Perma mods page?
  11. That patch comes from this mod...did you get BOTH of the Main files ..thats massive over a GB ?...reading up on that now looked interesting...thanks. Haven't downloaded the main files yet but i would guess the other patch is in the top file, as that is an Update to the Mod.
  12. couple things...To post a Load order from Wrye Bash...Right click the top header > List Mods, it will Automatically copy the entire Load order to the clipboard AND will also put the spoiler tags in for you, all you need to do is Right click in the post box and Paste. done. Both your ASIS AND Patchus Maximus patches are Orange. you either added a mod OR rearranged your load order since making them ...Rebuild them, they should ALWAYS be Green. Once you create your patches don't move or add Mods,,,IF you do, you have to generate the Dynamic patches again, they do contain info that could change based on the order your mods are in. Say you re-order your mods, and based on the new order different stuff is getting loaded by the game because of overwrites, the patch could be trying to reference stuff that is not available anymore. Guess it was good you posted PICs as that showed the patchers were Orange.
  13. Hi, Just checking....When you switched GPU's did the game 'Detecting new Hardware" when you first started it? IF not then force the game to generate a NEW "renderinfo.txt" as that IS specific to what hardware you are running. In your "MY DOCS" folder (....\Documents\My Games\Skyrim) is a file..."Renderinfo.txt" open it , IF it is not mentioning "Nvidia" then delete it , run the default game launcher and it will detect your new card. IN ENBseries.ini check this line>>EnableDepthOfField=false<<make sure it says True. EDIT:...also.. In Skyrimprefs.ini make sure "DOF" IS enabled also. [imagespace]bDoDepthOfField=1iRadialBlurLevel=1
  14. WOW...lol...Looks like you can push that a ton farther...48c for the Temp?...hahaha my 580's idle at 38c and when playing they get to about 70-75c fully loaded at 2.8 GB VRAM.. Nice VRAM usage...what is the VRAM your 970's have? or is that ful,l cause they have 3 GB? SPM screenshot of my Computer gettin its but kicked for 2.5 hours...lol<<<That's what i was referring to when i said "i wanted to see how your computer ran Skyrim" The Graph really shows a lot as far as how a system handles the game over a long period of time. Nice that your save is back down to a reasonable size,,,hows the game playing??
  15. I had this happen once also...i just shrugged and thought.."Guess i am really dead..hahhaha as it even killed Skyrim..." I have had other "finishing" moves pulled on my character and died but that was the only time it crashed...
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