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  1. I'll try making a new ESP using the new CK, maybe it'll work that way, I'll update on this tomorrow.
  2. Confirmed working in a MGEF (which is not an ability).
  3. Can you give me your script and tell me where you have it attached? I want to try it out.
  4. Nope, registering keys don't work at all for me. Doesn't matter where I attached the script. Registering for keys doesn't work. So the events related to this aren't working either by default. Registering for controls doesn't work. So the events related to this aren't working either by default. HoldKey or TapKey doesn't work. Even if you manually add the DXScanCode.
  5. I just did that, it printed the version. I'll go look in the log.
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/7cffba1b6825e102b5f9a6459424fafa.png This script is attached to a reference alias now and still does not work. My scripts are placed properly, otherwise it wouldn't compile the script.
  7. I've attached the script to a quest, not the player, and they didn't work there. Specifically I tested: OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, OnControlDown, OnControlUp, HoldKey, TapKey, GetMappedKey. So yeah, the same issue as you cooley.
  8. Any OnKey, Input or OnControl events/functions do not work at all. ^Just reporting bugs or no functionality stuff, not being salty.
  9. I made a lot of changes, then I got banned and someone reverted all of them and some of them are very wrong.
  10. Must be because "Shout" is not a Shout, but actually the script called "Shout".
  11. I'm loading one ESP as active and one as plugin, I make two formlists and add forms from the plugin in the formlists and it won't add the plugin as a master for the active file after saving. If I reload the esp it won't load the plugin and the formlists will be empty. What is left to do?
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/SkyrimModders/comments/3okrj4/weapon_grip_changing_not_working_properly/
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/TamrielOnlineMMORPG/ Subreddit opened, will update there now.
  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/ Also; check ELGO out, far too few people know of it or even tried to play with it, maybe it sucks because it does too many things, who knows.
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