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  1. Just a friendly reminder to those who may be experiencing a bug or an issue with the game: TO REPORT ISSUES IN GAME TO BETHESDA, GO TO: STARFIELD SUPPORT Good luck!
  2. "A hotfix has just been released for @StarfieldGame: Players can once again capture characters in action poses in photo mode Addressed an issue that could cause characters to become stuck repeating a line of dialogue We hope you're enjoying the latest update! #Starfield" https://twitter.com/BethesdaStudios/status/1772655959740985761 New Game Version: 1.10.32
  3. Starfield Script Extender has updated for those who use it: At Silverlock https://sfse.silverlock.org/ And on Nexus Starfield Script Extender (SFSE) Current SFSE version is 0.2.5 for use with game version 1.10.31
  4. Starfield has updated: STARFIELD UPDATE 1.10.31 See here for full update notes (they are very extensive): https://bethesda.net/en/game/starfield/article/FkSH4RJ9HwfNU1M72Tl23/starfield-update-1-10-31-march-19-2024
  5. Just a quick note: For those participating in the beta and wishing to provide Bethesda with feedback, please visit #steam-beta-feedback on their official Discord Server.
  6. Indeed it is! A lot to go through - but need some coffee to wash it down with!
  7. Current Starfield Beta Update version is 1.10.30 - update notes may be found here: Starfield Update 1.10.30 - March 6, 2024 [BETA] (bethesda.net)
  8. Latest Beta Update us now available on Steam - 3 GB
  9. Just a friendly reminder to the community - tomorrow, March 6th, the Starfield Beta Update will be available for op-in on Steam. See the following for how to do so: How to set your game for Beta Participation
  10. Starfield has just received a 742.4 MB update - this is NOT the Beta Update. Current game version is now 1.9.71 "Address an issue occasionally causing certain quests to disable, preventing players from continuing those quest lines." - https://twitter.com/BethesdaStudios/status/1764732653226303488 No further information available at this point.
  11. ADDED: An excellent site with a tremendous amount of game related information: https://inara.cz/starfield To Section 1 - General Information
  12. How to set your game for Beta Participation Good day, all! As has been previously posted, the latest Beta update is scheduled for March 6, so for those using it or wishing to, remember to set the game to Beta in Steam, so that the update will download. See below for how to opt-in. (And, of course, this is only for the Steam version of the game, not console or Game Pass, and is only available through Steam.) NOTE - Until Steam gets the official information from Bethesda, you may not see an option shown for Beta participation. 1. Go to your library and right click on Starfield 2.From the drop down menu, click on properties. 3. In the popup box that appears, on the left hand side, select Betas 4. On the Betas screen, where it says Beta Participation, in the small option box on the right, select Beta 5. Close the popup, and you are all set.
  13. Good info, Aurreth! You've been doing a lot of work as I have seen and read in your posts, and it is really appreciated! And I deeply appreciate you posting here with your comments and insights. Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing from you , as well as seeing what you produce for Starfield in the way of mods!
  14. Thanks, Aurreth. I added a link to your post and stated that the information for that shown may not be correct and people should see your post for a full discussion of it.
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