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  1. Skyrim legendary edition. If someone can move this that's ok. I'd rather not spam multiple sections
  2. OMG PLEASE! Can anyone give me some detailed help with changing the penetration on arrows bolts? I am basically familiar with nifscope 'but' i cannot for the life of me find the exact area to change the depth. TIA!!!
  3. Right then, thank you I think i'll just drop the whole idea then. :P
  4. Not sure if this is the right area to do this. Sorry if it is not. Can an admin change my name to "Kel EverDawn"? Without the quotations of course. Thank you so much!
  5. Easily well over a thousand hours of work was done by me making NSO. Every mod included was gone over in tesedit and many fixes and tweaks were done. Every inclusion was checked against the rest and all conflicts were resolved. I even rewrote several scripts from included mods with the help of sirjesto and skylover. It is altogether possible that somehow, somewhere i have fixed a couple of things, or many for that matter that could be contributing to this issue. While there are a ton of scripts included in there most of them are run once or specific to certain situations. Script load while running NSO shouldn't be too heavy. I've also fixed any reports from papyrus of script errors including spamming functions and eronius entries. I also received help from mod authors like sirjesto, skylover, homercide and others rewriting scripts for things included like left hand rings so beyond simple fixes there are many improvements. Yes, these fixes were all forwarded to the mod authors or noted on their pages, but many of them have not be adapted and likely never will be as many of the authors are simply gone or no longer modding any more.
  6. All official esm files have mixed form numbers throughout. Just load them up and look around.
  7. Not sure of the original sources but here are scripts based off of updating original mods to sse: Change form version: Will change EVERY line entry to the designated form ## { Find and update records with Form Version less than FV_Check. FV_Set is a new value to set. Can be used for any game, but has a meaning only for Skyrim currently. } unit UserScript; const FV_Check = 43; FV_Set = 44; function Process(Rec: IInterface): integer; var fv: integer; begin Result := 0; fv := GetFormVersion(Rec); if fv >= FV_Check then begin AddMessage(Format('Found form version %d on %s', [fv, Name(Rec)])); SetFormVersion(Rec, FV_Set); end; end; end. Fix the weapon reference: unit UserScript; uses 'lib/mteFunctions'; var i : Integer; function Initialize: integer; begin i := 0; end; function Process(rec: IInterface): integer; var sEffect : string; begin if (Signature(rec) = 'WEAP') then begin sEffect := geev(rec, 'CRDT\Effect'); if (sEffect = '') then begin seev(rec, 'CRDT\Effect', 0); i := i + 1; end; end; end; function Finalize: integer; begin if (i > 0) then AddMessage('Corrected ' + IntToStr(i) + ' weapons') else AddMessage('No weapons require correction.'); end; end. Fix the waterflow references: { New script template, only shows processed records Assigning any nonzero value to Result will terminate script } unit userscript; var water : string; function Initialize: integer; var i:integer; begin for i := 0 to 60 do addmessage(''); water := 'XCWT - Water'; addmessage('Applying script...'); end; function Process(e: IInterface): integer; var i : integer; uxcwt, xcwt, m : IInterface; fHeight, fWeight : float; update, s : string; begin if signature(e) <> 'CELL' then exit; XCWT := ElementByPath(e, water); m := masterorself(e); for i := 0 to pred(OverrideCount(m)) do begin update := GetFileName(GetFile(OverrideByIndex(m, i))); if update = 'Update.esm' then break; end; if update <> 'Update.esm' then exit; uxcwt := ElementByName(OverrideByIndex(m,i), water); if not assigned(uxcwt) then exit; AddRequiredElementMasters(LinksTo(uxcwt), GetFile(e), true); if not assigned(xcwt) then begin addMessage('Processing ' + fullpath(e)); wbCopyElementToRecord(uxcwt, e, true, true); end else if GetNativeValue(xcwt) <> GetNativeValue(uxcwt) then begin addMessage('Processing ' + fullpath(e)); SetNativeValue(xcwt, GetNativeValue(uxcwt)); end; end; end. requires https://github.com/matortheeternal/mteFunctions For those who cannot run the se creationkit these do all the same job in sseedit that creationkit does. Can do a whole load list but warning the form id change one will take forever on a large load order... Edit = Uploaded the 3 scripts: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bfes9381el15t0e/Edit%20Scripts.7z
  8. Like the title says. Basically I already have a model and a everything for Aela to have a unique shield. However since the item you are given is technically a basic steel shield there is no way to just replace it. Any one know how I can change this?
  9. Tons of progress. New list: Questing added equipment: (All unenchanted versions) Jagged crown is craft-able\improvable (After "The Jagged Crown" is completed) Skaal Boots, Coat, Gloves and Coat are now all craft-able\improvable (After "Fate of the Skaal" is completed) Psyjiic Robes, Hood, Boots and Gloves are now playable and craft-able (After "Good Intentions" is completed) Greybeard Robes, Boots and Hood are now playable and craft-able (After "The Way of the Voice" is completed) Thalmor Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Eye of Magnus is completed) Jester Clothes, Boots, Gloves and Hat are now playable and Craft-able (After "The Cure For Madness" is completed) Linwe Boots, Armor, Gloves and Hood are now playable and craft-able\improvable***** and renamed to "Summerset Shadows *****" (After "Summerset Shadows" is completed) Mythic Dawn Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Pieces of The Past" is completed) Blades armor set is now craft-able\improvable regular set is now heavier (After "Alduins Wall" is completed) Ancient Falmer Cuirass, Boots, Gauntlets and Crown are now craft-able\improvable (After "Touching the Sky" is completed) All 3 types of thieves guild armor is now craft-able (As you progress through the thieves guild quest-line) Cultist armoris now craft-able\imporavable (After "Dragonborn" is completed) Morag Tong Boots, Armor, Bracers and Hood are all now craft-able (After "Served Cold" is completed) Forsworn Boots, Armor, Headdress and Gauntlets are all craft-able (After "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" is completed) Archmage's Boots, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able ****************** Faction Equipment: (All unenchanted versions) Dawnguard Equipment is craft-able\improvable by Dawnguard Faction members at Fort Dawnguard. (Includes the extra damage to Vampires script). Vampire armors are craft-able\improvable Volkihar Vampire Clan Faction members. Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Hand wraps, Hood, Robes and Shoes are craft-able by Dark Brotherhood faction members. Nightingale Armor, Gloves, Boots and Hood are now craft-able by Nightingales members. Companions Wolf Armor is now craft-able\improvable by Companions faction members. All Skyforge Weapons and armors are now craft-able\improvable after you get permission to use the Skyforge (Includes the added Skyforge equipment) Mystic Tuning gloves are now craft-able ************* Equipment Additions\Changes: Siver Weapons can be crafted at the lunar forge Lunar Weapons can be crafted at the lunar forge Added craft\temper recipes for the rest of the dawnguard armor and weapons Cultist Boots, Gloves, Mask and robes are now a matched and balanced light armor set Cultist equipment is now craft-able and the Boots and Robes now are improvable Thalmor Robes, Hooded Robes, Boots and Gloves are all now craft-able Falmer Boots, Armor, Helmet, Shield and Gauntlets are all now craft-able Silver Sword, Silver Greatsword are now craft-able\improvable Headsman Axe is now craft-able\improvable Blades Sword is now craft-able\improvable Studded imperial armor is craft-able\improvable General Carius' Armor is now playable\improvable Craft-able Woodcutters Ax Craft-able Pickaxe Torturers Hood is now loot-able, craft-able and improvable Mammoth Tusks can be powdered at the forge Human skull, troll skull and dragonbone can be turned into bone meal at the forge Added a Dawnguard Hood -Light Armor- Added a Stahlrim Heavy Shield (Unique mesh) Added a Stahlrim Bastard Sword Added a Stahlrim Claymore Added a Chitin Heavy Shield Added a light Blades Armor set Added a Silver Weapons set (Equal to Nord Hero strength with Silver Properties) Added a Lunar Weapons set (Equal to Steel strength with Silent Moons Enhantment) Added a Thalmor Hooded Robes (Unenchanted) Added a Thalmor Robes (Unenchanted) Added a Skyforge Steel armor set with 2 variets of helmet and cuirass Added an Alternate Stahlrim Heavy Armor set Armored\Jeweled Circlets are added. (Half armor value of their helm counterparts) Added all 10 variations of the vanilla Circlets to 13 armor tiers, for a total of 130 circlets. All circlets are temper-able and smelt-able. The Circlets have been added to the following Armor sets: --Heavy-- Iron Steel Dwarven Orcish Ebony Stahlrim Daedric Dragonplate --Light-- Scaled Elven Glass Dragonscale Stalhrim To Be able to craft these you must have a Flawless Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire, this is to keep forge list clutter down. Logistical Changes: You now can loot both big toes off of giants! (Everyone knows the big toes are the only good ones). Falmer boots now have barefoot sounds because they don't cover feet. Horkers and Mammoths now have 2 loot-able tusks per corpse. Experience is gained at the smelter and tanning rack. Lunar Forge now actually works and is relevantat at night to provide lunar weapon smithing. Lockpicks are craft-able in bulk amounts of 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 (amounts raise with your smithing skill!) Gold coin recipes: (Balanced to pervent experience training exploiting) 1 gold ingot = 90 septim 1 gold ore = 45 septim 110 septim = 1 gold ingot Leveled lists were rebalanced: Multiple new leveled-lists are distributed them accordingly in the vanilla loot pools. Dwarven loot pools are more Dwarven, Falmer loot pools are more Falmer... and so on. Added Nails, Hinges, Locks, Iron Fittings, Firewood, Goat Horns, Clay and Quarried Stone loot pools. Added Chitin, Stahlrim (+Enchanted versions), Dawnguard Enchanted versions, Nordic and Bonemold (+Enchanted Versions) to armor and weapon leveled lists. Chances for dragons and other boss drops to include: Enchanted Armor Enchanted Weapon Daedric Armor Daedric Weapons Dragonplate/Dragonscale Armor Dragonbone weapons Ingested ingredients/Potions/Ore/Ingots Boss chests with leveled loot pools that make sense. Boss chests are primarily the target of the distribution, as they tend to be at the end of most dungeons. However, Dragons now have a much nicer loot pool. Their leveled items pull from several sublists, which in turn pull from a few more sublists, ensuring variety and value comes out hunting dragons! Bandits will have stolen armor/jewelry/food, etc Dwarven ruins will contain more Dwemer artifacts, soul gems, and such Warlocks will have more spell tomes and magic items stashed away Forsworn will have more gems, weapons, armor, and poisonous ingredients hidden Giants will collect more random items, and have a chance to have a stash of Sleeping Tree sap Falmer will have more poisons, ore, and other paraphernalia Vampires will have more valuable and noble loot Werewolf den chests will contain their trophies and other miscellaneous objects. In progress notes: Thane based guard armor\shield\helmet list Imperial armor Faction Stormcloak Armor faction
  10. Good point I think I'll remove the ability to make septims and just have the ability to melt septims into ingots.
  11. Skyrim. Based on all the information provided and their 40 mods for Skyrim. @op, sounds like a solid list. Yeah, skyrim forgot to add that. I updated the list with more additions I spent all day working on.
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