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  1. http://www.darkcreations.org/static/uploads/gallery/monthly_2015_09/large.IB_newlogo_light.png.30d9020254ced8797133e14d003e9091.png The Beyond Skyrim project will soon be having a livestream, featuring both me doing landscaping work on the Alik'r and a simultaneous Q&A session with myself and several other Iliac Bay members. It will be tomorrow, Thursday the 24th, at 4 PM EST (8 PM GMT), at twitch.tv/ub3rman123. If you won't be able to attend and have something you want to know about Iliac Bay, feel free to post questions in this thread as well and I'll see about reading them on stream.
  2. Oh man oh man 1tb SSDs are almost affordable. We're in the future, guys!
  3. Canada has sand dunes! Why does nobody tell me these things?
  4. Oh hey, we're approaching post #55,000. I figured out the main reason I don't really play Skyrim outside of playtesting. It still has horrendous amounts of mouse acceleration and the sensitivity is too low, even when at the maximum.
  5. Good monitors? Bah, do what I do! Picked up one of mine for $7. It's terrible, but I now have four monitors.
  6. Best method for getting work done: The Joy of Painting videos overlaid with the Hotline: Miami soundtrack.
  7. Holy cow linked lists in C++ are destroying me. I'm this close to switching to a philosophy major instead.
  8. It would seem that I've been inactive on the Nexus for so long that I only have active posts in three threads. I kind of miss the days I could browse the forums with 'View New Content'. There's far too much stuff posted to do that now.
  9. AC:Unity I've heard has some pretty poor optimization. TotalBiscuit was unable to get it to run smoothly on the highest setting, and you know what a beast his computer is.
  10. I don't really get headaches, but on the other hand, my height causes me to lose my vision for about 30 seconds after standing up. Not sure if it's a decent tradeoff or not. Also, anyone know what sort of languages are grammatically comparable to Finnish? I've heard that it's somehow fundamentally different from other Scandinavian tongues.
  11. Looks like the new Borderlands game is pretty bland. I guess I'll wait until it's ten dollars in the next Summer Sale.
  12. Ah, wisely avoiding Alabama and Mississippi.
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