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  1. Should these placed projectiles be changed then? or deleted? Forwarding the placed projectiles into a patch and flagging them as deleted fixed the random invisible rune traps from spawning in completely unrelated cells. Is it an issue with the frost and fire as well?
  2. So modding bard songs seems overly complicated and I am unable to to get this working due to three major issues. 1.) I have downloaded facefxwrapper, creation kit fixes and Fonixdata lipsync fix. I have also followed these instructions. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/ynj0jz/guide_how_to_generate_lip_files_in_sse_creation/ The WAV file I am using is in the correct format, 44100 mono, 16bit PCM. The LIP generated fine from the WAV but it doesn't match. In game the lip starts immediately, about 5 seconds before the song dialogue. I thought this was due to instruments at the beginning of the song... so I muted them so there is no sound in the WAV until the actual voice dialogue starts. This did not help at all, as it seems to pretty much ignore the mute/silent beginning of the WAV in the LIP. 2.) I used a custom version of Ragnar the Red for females and for some reason they don't play their lute, they just hold the lute idle and passively. Yet looking at the records there is absolutely no difference between the default vanilla record for males and the new one I created for females. 3.) I am not able to test my replacer for Tale of Tongues. This song is suppose to come available when Dragon Slayer (MQ305) is completed and the epilogue (MQ306) begins. I have used the console to setstage mq305 200 to complete Dragonslayer and setstage mq305 260 to start the epilogue "MQ306 has no stages". But the song request is still not available on any bard that should have it. I even tried removing the conditions from the dialogue topic and song verse so it doesn't require the quest at all but that didn't help... I still can't request Tale of Tongues.
  3. This has been an ongoing issue for as far back as I can remember and I feel like it's only become worse. I thought becoming a premium member would help with this but it made absolutely no difference. Downloading is no issue. Uploading I end up having to upload the same file multiple times, nearly every time I try to upload any file. Either the bar just reaches 100% an stays green forever. Or it gets to the spinning processing upload wheel and gets stuck there forever; this is the more annoying of the two because often times it looks like your upload was successful but the file ends up being corrupt.
  4. I want to mention that CC Survival Mode and also Frozen North, which was built off CC survival mode has the potential for game breaking papyrus stack dumps when in conflict with certain perk distributing mods. This is not an issue with Frostfall, Sunhelm, or Hypothermia... and Frostbite should also be fine. A number of users including myself with CC survival mode and frozen north have noticed certain mods that distribute custom perks that use custom form ID magic effects to NPCs can cause a chain reaction stack dump which blows up papyrus. I noticed this personally when using Adamant Perks for NPCs or Adamant Onslaught, some users reported it from Royal Armory as well, not sure about other perk overhauls... here was an example from Frozen North. http://icecream.me/uploads/01ddca643ea6738076b79e9bccc66a18.png I am told the same happens with CC survival mode. stack dump always referencing an NPC with one of the triggering custom perk magic effects as soon as you're in a cell with that NPC. very bizarre, and one more reason to use SunHelm if you were on the fence.
  5. I did try this and i was seeing a lot of this spamming my log. [02/06/2022 - 04:57:18PM] WARNING: Property LinkCustom10 on script lvlpredatorscript attached to (000#####) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property[02/06/2022 - 04:57:18PM] WARNING: Property LinkCustom09 on script lvlpredatorscript attached to (000#####) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property This was tested on a new game.
  6. The Necro is real... From what I can tell. the USSEP script is dates July 2013, Steve's is August 2013
  7. Yah, something is up. If I look at my task manager when the game is running my modded skyrim is a times using over 8GB of ram. I have 32 on my system. I have a 1070... My roommate has a 2070 though with 64 GB or ram. His modded skyrim at times is using 10-12gb of ram according to task manager.
  8. This is one of the weirdest things I have every experienced in skyrim and that says a llt. Mrissi from Tails of Trouble has unique sharp teeth. These textures don't replace anything vanilla, and doesn't use a custom mesh... just uses whatever vanilla mouth mesh is installed but doesn't replace it or anything. In the plugin the texture set and head part for the sharp teeth are ONLY referenced by Mrissi herself... They are a unique form ID that isn't assigned to anything or anyone else. Yet after facegening, numerous NPCs including vanilla npcs, and npcs from othermods completely unrelated to Tail's of Trouble now have Mrissi's sharp teeth? What the heck???
  9. This is driving me nuts. I use CK fixes as well. with TintMaskResolution=1024 and face gen for the vanilla ESMs + USSEP half the time fails randomly partway through with an assertion error. If I had a bunch of mods that have additional npcs and actors then it fails 100% of the time. TintMaskResolution=512 seems to work reliably but anything above this the CK can't seem to handle... does anyone else experience this and have a solution? Is there another tool to create facegen? because the CK apparently can't seem to handle it.
  10. Wow... that blows my mind. It would be an insanely useful quality of live improvement
  11. In the object manager it lists EVERY object in the cell, and objects in my currently active plugin are marked with a * ... how can I filter or sort by these active objects? I was using form ID but that isn't always helpful because sometimes the plugin is editing vanilla records and not just adding new ones. It is brutal trying to search for * items in a list of 100's of objects. In filter if I type just * it doesn't help
  12. You're prolly right, I may just try to do something simply like vokrimant
  13. sorry for the font background color. Nexus font copy and paste is not compatible with its own forums and not sure how to fix that.
  14. This idea is inspired by the Vokriinator mod ; but instead of Ordinator being the base mod Vokrii or Adamant would takes its place while Ordinator is cut. Ordinator is a grandiose mod, perfect for many and a bit too much for some. Vokrii, SPERG, Path of Sorcery and Adamant all have some excellent perks, themes and implementation. As an alternative expansive perk tree to Ordinator or Vokriinator I believe a nuanced combination of the smaller, and focused overhauls could work well and be fun. Could be a good idea, could be a horrible idea, might be easy to pull off, might offer provide months of frustration to put together. For now if you think this sounds cool please chime in with comments, suggestions or ideas. Specifically what perks should be used from each mod in each tree for a somewhat consistence and balanced experience while mitigating overlap and incompatibilities.
  15. A lot of stuff on the nexus that gets posted requires creation club content, can I filter this out?
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