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Need tips for editing/saving DDS format in CS2 (Fallout 4)


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This is not a request to encourage, endorse or otherwise seek pirated software. I seek legal, legitimate solutions to my problem as posted in the section "The Issue".

So. I will admit it, and if it gets me banned, then so be it. I downloaded Photoshop CS2 simply because I can't afford whatever the newest version is now (why I can't is a very long and deeply personal story, way outside the scope of this topic), and because GIMP doesn't offer me the functionality I'm looking for.


I'm trying to edit a series of Photoshop PSDs I downloaded off the Nexus for Fallout 4 (CBBE's optional PSDs, for the deeply curious) and have so far, after about two hours of desperate (and desperately weak) Google-fu, found the Nvidia DDS plugin I need. Now I need to find the compatible Intel plugin. If one even exists for deprecated software like CS2.


Where would I start looking for this plugin, and if I'm correct (which means it's newish and thus totally incompatible with CS2), what are my alternative options that are legit freeware?


Please be kind in your replies. I am quite capable of castigating myself, and already do so on a daily basis.

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