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How do I make this mod?


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I want to make a mod where if you put your hand above your eyes, your FOV gradually changes to zoom in. I'm planning on doing the FOV with ConsoleUtilVR. In case you haven't noticed yet - I have no idea what I'm doing. All I've ever made were some radio mods for FO4 and expanding upon weapon mods (adding them to leveled lists and making then one handed or two handed) and messing around in NV making stupid weapons fully automatic and shoot stupid projectiles that explode. I know my way around code, so I don't think the Papyrus will be a problem. How do I track my hand position and execute Papyrus scripts when my hand is in a certain position. I'm also using all the mods in the Skyrim VR Ultimate VR essentials modlist in Wabbajack because I don't want to spend time making my own modded game, and I just want to jump right in. Can someone school me on how to do this please?

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