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lingering wards


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I would like to see a mod that alters the way that wards function. What I'm looking for is something that will make it so that wards will linger for a few seconds upon releasing the spell. If at all possible link the duration of the lingering ward to how long you maintained the spell much like the charge up for blast spells...


Simply put...


Click cast = momentary ward (current functionality)

Maintained cast = maintained ward (current functionality)

Release from maintained cast = temporary lingering ward


Longer maintain = longer lingering ward (if possible, restricted max duration preferred)


If I maintain a ward for 5 seconds I'd expect it to persist for up to possibly 2 seconds, whereas if I only cast my ward for a split second I wouldn't expect it to linger around at all...


Optional: The lingering ward could even be weaker than the maintained ward, or even diminishing in strength until it fades if anyone feels like being fancy....



if this isn't possible I would appreciate it if someone would reply to inform me of that.

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