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Mod Request - JP and EN Mixed dub


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i have always wondered why the kingdom hearts series never had an option to mix the English voice dubs with the JP voice dubs being 2 worlds colliding you would think that the SE/KH series character would speak there native JP language and Disney would speak English and the power of kingdom hearts is the one thing making them understand each but its not like that so i think it would be nice to actually have a mod for it.

anyway my request is the mixture of JP and EN dub split with JP dub being FF and KH characters and EN being Disney characters i would do it my self but sadly i don't know how to and I haven't found a video tutorial for it so im just here requesting.

PS. sorry about the wall of text and lack of formatting English is not my main language
PSS. if someone can lead me to a step by step tutorial of how to make audio dub mods and how to edit ability growth mods i would really appreciate it thank you in advance

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