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I want to play a FHM who looks like Marian Hawke

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I want to play a FHM who looks like Marian Hawke.

I have scoured Nexus and cannot find anybody who has provided a save game with a female human mage who looks like Marian Hawke (ideally WITHOUT the stripe).

Does anybody know where I might find such a save game or are there any lovely creative modders who might provide one ?

I don't mind too much about the world state, as long as it is not the default one (a bit bland for my liking)

Anyone ??

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Thanks for the post - unfortunately this is somebody's attempt to replicate the default female Hawke and it's just not quite right.

As there are numerous head swaps to enable the inquisitor to have the face of Cullen or Cassandra or Sera etc. etc. etc., I was hoping someone could perhaps do the same for the default female Hawke (with or without the stripe).

The other head swap I would really like is to have my inquisitor look like Isabela.

I have scoured Nexus mods but haven't found either of these (yet).


I'll keep looking . . .

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