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Replacement graphics, placeabes etc


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I recently rebought NWN classic with expansions and all. I love the story but the graphics really are aged, and to make it worse, my gigantic screen shows this in my face to such a higher degree. So the question is, can this be improved? I am not talking om new modules using new placables but rather new placables set to replace the old ones. Or perhaps updated versions of the old ones. I do not know how much the old engine can handle but surely our computers today can handle more then the game was designed for. To show more what I got in mind I give you this link to a Skyrim mod following my line of idea, as an example: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/8655/?


I understand that this would be a massive undertaking so I suggest a gradual process of improving textures and models, some models are plain silly and not even easier for the engine to handle, just look at the city walls in Neverwinter, a more simple wall with a nice texture would actually look better then the one the game use. Thus some graphics improvements could actually lead to simpler graphics. As a result, this would be be a series of mods under one roof rather then a single mod since it to much to expect one person to do it all.


Any ideas?


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There's at least 1 project that replaces a lot of textures and some objects with higher quality ones globally. I've used this one, though it's still rather low-rez. Still better than the original:





There are some others that replace characters, armour, etc., but I don't know what to recommend there. A lot of smaller projects.

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