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Photorealistic Environnement


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I'm new to Skyrim VR (yeah the usual noob sorry :ermm:) , I find it pretty good, I'm trying to upgrade the game with mods.

Yes I already searched, Mod Organizer, Wabbajack and so on, but there are no tutorial about Skyrim VR on Photorealistic Environment as seen in this video



Well this guy uses nice visuals, it is not like Auriel which the environment is too, how can I say, too flashy neon textures, I mean too bright, If you get the idea on what I mean (I hope).

I have al the mods that guy suggested, I tried to follow his tutorial, but of course I get several errors (like to update the Skyrim VR executable because it is an older version, but hey it's a fresh install from Steam), of course SKSE is not the same as SkyrimVR, SkyUI is missing and so on..

It is said that the SE Mods run also on VR, well, my question is:


- there is a way to have the same results on Skyrim VR? If yes how?


A little help? :confused:

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