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EGM - Trying to help Kaidan with his platoon(s)


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EGM has a/some(?) missions that can be obtained once Kaidans datapad "Report"

becomes avaialable in the Normandys lounge.

Executive Officer: Staff Commander Joseph Wladislav - Apien Crest operations
Echo Platoon: Assigened to the Apien Crest operations (10% KIA)

EGM Contents and Changes (CONTAINS SPOILERS) has

Starboard Observation Lounge
Kaidan - once you have heard him chat to EDI about his students, 
a couple of missions later a datapad will appear with info on them. 
Follow up data is on the Shadow Broker terminal, with clues for a 
GAW asset.

On the Shadow Brokers Terminal it's "1st Special Operations Biotic Company Dossier".

The relevant part(?) is

Echo platoon is currently operating in the Apien Crest.

I scanned all three solar systems and orbited each planet there, none can be scanned.

How do I start saving(?) platoon Echo? Or whatever mission I can do here?


THX in advance!

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