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The dance of death Killcam problems?


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So I've played one character a ton, hes a mele/archer type character. When I first started playing him, I set the dance of death mod up to 100% just to test it out, and i removed the last enemy restriction.

Sometimes however, I would only get 1 kill cam every 10 or more kills when it was at 95% chance to give a killcam.


However, after playing that character longer, it eventually started happening more and more, and doesn't seem to be a problem.


Now, i've started a new mage type character, and again i've set it to 100% with no results. I've cleared two entire caves worth of guys and not gotten 1 killcam.


Maybe there's another parameter to killcam's that i'm not understanding? At first I thought that maybe if it was a hard enemy that took a while to kill, you wouldn't get a killcam, but even when I kill a guy in 1 or 2 shots, still no killcam.



Anyone have any ideas? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the mod several times.

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Upon further reading I've found that the only way to configure ranged and magic killcams is to go into "Skyrim.ini" and add




Unfortunately, I cannot find the "skyrim.ini" file. I only see "skyrim_default.ini" and "skyrimprefs.ini"


Either way, I tried putting the script into both files, and neither seem to yield results.


Any help?

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