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Looking for help in figuring out a solution


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I would like to figure out a dynamic mod to make adjustments to flanking to be used as an enhancement to Cover Damage Reduction

I want to do two things:


1) Point blank shots and melee count as flanking (CDR does not apply) but don't get the crit or aim bonuses if there is cover.


2) If the shooter cannot be seen by any enemies, Squadsight shots count as flanking (CDR does not apply) but doesn't get the crit or aim bonuses.



I think both of these make for better realism, as you can reach around or over cover to attack more directly and a sniper will wait for the target to peak out rather than shoot at cover...


If possible, it might be cool to increase the chance for counter-attack (from the units that do, such as return fire or mutons) when there is cover for point blank or melee... Though that may be more complicated...



I am a complete modding newb and do not know how to code, but have been trying to do this with little success... I would greatly appreciate help in figuring out this problem, but would be willing to hand the idea off to a more experienced modder if you don't want to take the hassle of helping/walking me through it...

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