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Changing math behind GetCasterLevel


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So I have been modding my game and adjusting it to the now deleted mods "level 160" and "level scaling challenge".


Since i found them so fun I figured "Ah, what the hell" and went ahead and edited a bunch of things to make it more... Balanced? I guess you can call it that.


One thing that I found out that I wanted to do to further balance things is changing the Caster level from [Amount of X Class Level] to [1/2 of Class Level + Total Level]. I figured it would be fun to have at least some caster level scaling even if you have just a couple of levels to grab a certain spell, like grabbing a couple of wizard levels on your rogue so you can grab shield or something.


So that will be my question: Where do I start looking for the GetCasterLevel math so i can change it? Because I am lazy and editing every single spell seems like a huge chore that I would rather not do.

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