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Floating uninteractable objects


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Hello kalevala17,


I wrote a tutorial to create collision volume through use of SCOL a long time ago here :




It's not the official way, but it works fine. You'd probably want to create a static version of an item you can pickup (like one of those junk items), and make an SCOL with your recon scope. The last object you select while creating an SCOL will be the source of the SCOL object origin. Nice thing about using SCOL to steal collision is that you can freely resize, rotate, and combine them in CK.


I'd recommend keeping the collision mesh as simple as possible, since this will affect the game performance. I've used multiple object in the tutorial example, just to make a point about combining objects to get more complex collision, but if this was a real project, I'd just use a simple cube.


If I were you, though, I'd just stick with how Bethesda did it with the mod object box in vanilla game, because that box would be far easier to find and pick up than the tiny object like recon scope.


Good luck with your project.

Okay, your tutorial has SAVED ME for what I'm doing, this is FANTASTIC!

...Buuuut, now I'm trying to find a way to stretch a collision field, i.e. take the asbestos cube and make it longer along the X-axis so that it envelops a rectangular space. I tried putting two boxes next to each other and it just ended up colliding with itself when I put it in the world.

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I mean I'm just trying to make a f*cking CUBE here! It's not like I need an abstract shape, just a rectangular prism slightly longer than ALL OF THE OTHER rectangular prisms in the game!

Honestly, I don't BLAME the devs for making such terrible games anymore, this is MADDENING!

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