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What to expect when moving to SkyrimSE


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Hi everybody . . .


I'm thinking about moving from Skyrim to SkyrimSE, but I'm not comfortable with Steam and I wasn't impressed with how Bethesda just dumped the game on the players.


Maybe you guys can help me get a better idea about what I'm getting into if I make this move.


[1] I went to download SE from Steam. The download time was 30-odd hours. I was not expecting that. Did everybody have to wait that long? (My Verizon DSL is forever on training wheels, so maybe the problem is on my end and not with Steam.) Can I just buy a copy fo SkyrimSE from a game shop?


[2] My mods for Skyrim are a big deal for me. How hard is it to port mods from Skyrim to SkyrimSE?


I just saw a post about a 10th Anniversary Edition of Skyrim in the works. I'm wondering if I should just wait for that.


Thank you very much. :huh:

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