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I want to extend adventurer's tent


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Hello, everyone! This is my first topic!

I am not English/American, so some of written may be not correct.

Have a heart, plz. :wink:




Playing Skyrim SE, I use Skyrim Adventurer's Tent mod so often.

I like this so much, but some are not satisfied.

I don't have experience to make or edit mods, so I write this topic.


I want: (wing direction = main door is south)


1) east wing: garden place, to plant many(20 or more).

entrance may be the circling point in image below(cooking place), replacing middle table and cupholder.


2) west wing: two rooms, more beds for followers/companions(at least all thanes can be there).

entrance may be the circling point in image below(followers' room).

chest in image may be there or not. if that is, removed and replaced.


3) north wing: large bathing room.

entrance may be the north wall near shower room.


â» Each of three above is made for add-on of original mod(at result, 3 add-ons).



I'm sure I write very complex and difficult request. :sad:

If someone makes and uploads, I appreciate so much.

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