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Items Not Stacking? Help a Dummy Out

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So my Quick Slot Items / Personal Bag Items have quit stacking. I used to be able to stack up to 5 of various usable items (potions, scrolls, explosives) in both my Quick Slots AND in my Character/Companion Personal Inventory. This no longer works. I'm new to MODding and have downloaded and use several MODs via Override Folder. I've checked most of the MOD posts for possible causes to this event but have yet to come across any such instance or variables as to why this is. It wouldn't bother me that much if I still played on Relaxed/Classic but i have graduated to Veteran/PotD and my Pot stacks are needed more now than ever LOL. Does anyone have a possible explanation/ Work Around that doesn't involve the "Magic Ring"? As this item is WAY OP and I have failed to be able to successfully change it's STATs. I AM VERY NEW TO MODding and tho I can build a house from the ground up, cook outrageously good meals, fire a weapon from both hands, survive in the wilderness for months, and even tie my shoes... ... I suck at MOD coding. All the ""{}#$&[] blah blah etc. stuff really confuses my eyeballs. Please Help if You Can.

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