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PoE2 MODs that Still Work Via Vortex

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This is a VERY Short list of MODs that seem to be working or at least haven't given me any "Version Errors". NOTE: I just started a new Play Through with these MODs so I'll keep you informed if any do not work.


The Pantry

Fair Trade

Enchanting Costs


No Attribute Cap MOD

InstantAchievementsMorePoints (I know for a fact this one works) [This is NOT the one that claims to give you 999 Berath Points as that MOD does not work on Version]



I'll only be updating this Post on whether or not these particular MODs work as I have come to discover that the good old fashioned "Copy/Extract to Override Folder" works best of all.


I am running the latest Version of the game so I can't attest to them on earlier versions.

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They all seem to work provided you dont having conflicting mods running in any other form of mod manager

Vortex puts all the mods I have downloaded into the override folder, and in the games options menu it shows them as being there, but the game doesn't recognize them as the "good" instant achievements for version 5 does not show in beginning a new game.

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