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Mod Request: toggle-able witcher senses


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Alright, I know that there are many witcher sense mods out there, and many of them have *sort of* addressed this in the past, but ...


How about One Witcher Sense Mod to Rule Them All?


Being able to toggle each element of the witcher senses individually would be SO much better for immersion. For me, plants and loot containers are the bane of my existence: I've found mods which eliminate glowing loot containers, but I'd really like to be able to hide the plants when I'm following a blood trail! Or at least make them a much fainter colour?


Anyhow, just thought I'd put this out there. It'd be great to be able to pick and choose what we're focusing on with senses on!


And if I've missed a mod that already solves my problem, sorry and I'll obviously delete this.


Thanks in advance.

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