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Catch Arrow Perk


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Abstract: A perk under Archery (lvl 100 required) that would allow one to quick-shoot the arrow that was just fired at you back at the enemy.


How it would work: Hold down the left mouse button while equiped with an un-nocked bow and wait for an arrow to 'hit' you, then right-click to draw and fire that arrow back at the enemy, preferably with a faster drawing animation. Timing between mouse clicks would be a factor in order to add a little challenge to it. Also, perhaps the arrow-grab could cause an amount of damage.


Note: I've never used the 'push-back' move (default left-click while holding a bow) in combat, so I would happily sacrifice it for a mod like this. Perhaps holding the bow up could also double as a weak shield against melee blows, too.


- Jahooba :smile:

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