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[Mod Request] No biters please


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Hello, if possible I would love to see a mod for Subnautica that just removes biters from the game entirely. I know there is already a mod that let's you go into the files using a browser and remove species but it is complicated, buggy and just very inconvenient from what I have seen. I just wish for someone to remove the biters without all of the unnecessary steps required of the player to go poking around in the game code. I've played Subnautica multiple times and these are by far the most irritating aspect of this game, they are not a threat but a major nuisance, I'm tired of every biome they occupy or slip into being devoid of all life a third of the way through a playthrough, if they really killed everything as fast as they do in-game then 4546B should have been a barren wasteland upon arrival. The Kharaa has nothing on these little ****s. I don't even mind the blighters,stuck in the blood kelp zone they are way less destructive then their shallow depth cousins, especially since biters often spill over into the kelp forests and safe shallows. Please remove the biters, please.
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