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ENB bug - Forgot how to fix it :(


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So I have project enb and this bug happens quite often with NVIDIA users as I understand it. (I use Geforce GTX 660 TI)

Basically in certan areas of dungeons and other interiors the enb bugs out and I get this awful green tint all over the screen. It goes away if I If I leave the area, look down/up, or tab-out of the game and tab-in again... only to reappear in other areas of the instance. Although moving at all allot of the time just makes it flicker.


The top image is the bug in action, where I actually got it to behave long enough to take a screenshot. The bottom image is what is looks like if I turn off the enb with Shift+F12.






Now, I managed to find a forum topic that mentioned tweaking the skyrim .ini files to stop this bug. I tried it and it worked! However, I sadly lost my old .ini configuration. Anyone know how to tweak them to make this go away?


EDIT: -inb4 someone asks if I installed patches/compatibility fixes.

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I finally managed to find the forum post. Turns out this is a bug with my SPECIFIC video card! I fixed it by going into enbseries.ini and changing:





However, if anyone else experienced something similar I'd love to hear how you fixed it!

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Stick to drivers 314.22 as an alternative, or port Project ENB to the latest binary as Boris bypassed the issue with his latest updates.

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