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Help: A lot of questions need to be solved


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First I'm not a native english speaker.And second, thanks for taking your precious time to reading this.Actually my english is terrible,never use it in a simple conversation with foreigners, but nothing can stop me from learning how to make a mod. so I came here,naturally with a lot of questions. :laugh:

let's say i want to replace a weapon model and its textures. and now i got 7 files (use wolvenkit)



xxx.xbm x 2

xxx.TGA x 2 texture files



1: which files do i need to modify?

2: how to edit w2mesh.1.buffer and the xbm files?

3: how to convert the Fbx file back to w2mesh or i don't need to and wolvenkit do it automaticlly in the packing progress?

4: the data in this w2mesh.1.buffer ,xxx.w2ent and xbm files how do they work?



I really hope to get some anwsers and that would be very nice!

P.S. I'm familier with photoshop,blender etc.,also i use some programming languages so i can easily understand the scripts used in tw3.

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