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[Mod Request] Tesla T-60 Overhaul


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The idea of remake the tesla t60 comes to my head when playing automaton.


The DLC tesla t60 is a rather incomplete design: it has only torso and arms, not full body ( not like tesla x02 from previous fallout games ), the backpack tesla tank conflicts with jetpack. So I'm thinking about making a new tesla t60.


However I spent several days without any luck in fallout 4 modeling, so I think I will post the idea here and see if anyone is willing to lend me a hand.


The basic concept is as follows:


  • Full body tesla t60, including helmet, torso, legs and arms. A very similar full body tesla x01 can serve as a reference. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27125?tab=description.
  • Either build a new jetpack model or move the node position so the torso tesla tank no longer conflicts with jetpack.
  • Higher basic repair need, but also higher basic energy resistance.
  • Add energy damage to all and any weapon the player uses, instead of increasing energy weapon damage. 10 points for each part and 60 for total.
  • Still acquired via kill and loot boss ivey in headhunting mission. While most PA in mods are found, by killing and looting from a boss makes it more consistence with the game.

I'm willing to cooperate together and make the respective esp file, I just need some kind person to do modeling work. Thank you so much.

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