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FCR 3 - not working?


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Hope someone knows?

Acually not sure it's working - but the skills that should be nerf/changed does not show the chanage.


New to Modding. (but it should be installed correct). got Vortex and i'm only doing FCR3. (now also fast travel - to check if i could get any mods to work, and it did). Installed FCR3 the same way, and it doesn't work.

Seen the same questing be "googling" - but no real answer.


I did try to install it manually - cause i wasn't using any other mods.


I played witcher 3 once.. got to lvl 30 ish.. found that a few of the last skill didn't work (bugged). Pissed me off so i didnt play it through. I just want to play the game without those bugs. (that's why im going for FCR3). If it doesn't work any suggestions to fixing those buggs????

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