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Repack voiceover - What i need?


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Hello to all,


I'm creating a mod called "Nostalgia II".


I have already extracted and edited all "voiceover" sounds as ogg and now only have to save them as wav. The "lip" synchronous files that already exist for this purpose are all still available due to the export. (So I don't need to invest any work here.)


My mod "Nostalgia II" makes all sounds "old-school". That means: 11 KHz, 64 kbit/s. Finally that is then converted back into WAV, 16 bit, stereo, so that everything is compatible again.


Now my question:




Which tool can I use to convert my wav / cr2w files back into engpc.w3speech / depc.w3speech?




When I have converted the enpc.w3speech/depc.w3speech files, is it sufficient to simply copy them into the "_Mods" directory? For example, I would then post the enpc.w3speech / depc.w3speech file from the "DLC10" directory


D: \ Games \ TheWitcher3 \ Mods \ dlc \ DLC10 \ content \

copy in.


Do I need anything else so that the game recognizes the "voiceovers" I have edited and uses them instead of the originals?


Of course, all my converted files have the same file names (names) as in the original. So I don't have to change anything in the xml files. (Although unfortunately I don't know how to do that anyway..)


Thank you very much for your (possible) answers...

Kind greetings


(on The Witcher 3 Nexus)

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