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No paparazzi! Please disable all fame/skill comments.


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Please could someone make a mod that disables all the fame and skill based comments from guards and other NPC's.


Fed up of my vampire constantly being told I look like I have Covid, and apparently my master thief with a bounty of 0 was caught on camera and everyone in Tamriel saw me on Whiterun's Most Wanted on Tamriel TV, as everyone is calling me a sneak thief. Also, how do people know by looking at me that I'm a master of illusion, and why does everyone know I'm the Dragonborn just by looking at me when they've never seen my face before?


The only one that doesn't really annoy me is the comments on equipped armour/weapons as that's at least believable. The one about "you must be a mage with robes like that" is slightly annoying; maybe I'm just a muggle with style.


I saw a mod that prevents the vampire cure from triggering from rumours by adding an impossible condition to the trigger. Could this work to disable the dialogue comments as well?


Thanks folks.

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